UConn’s Honors Program offers more than 100 Honors courses each year that promise the academic rigor, encouragement of creative thought, and active involvement that you’d expect from a first-class Honors Program. Plus, these classes are taught by some of UConn’s most highly regarded faculty members.

During your first two years, you will take one or two Honors courses per semester as you work toward Sophomore Honors.  They may include general education courses, introductory courses in your areas of greatest academic interest, and electives. Once you choose your major you will start taking courses toward your major. At least 20 percent of your courses will be Honors courses.

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During your junior and senior years, your Honors work will focus in more detail on your areas of greatest academic interest, including special projects in your field, major research, departmental seminars, independent studies, graduate-level classes, and the Honors thesis/project.

Honors students are permitted certain benefits, including priority housing, priority class registration, graduate-level library lending privileges, and increased allowances in credit enrollment per semester allowing them to make exemplary use of academic opportunities.