Honors Programming & Community


Our Vision

“We strive to connect Honors students to opportunities and each other through an inclusive community. We seek to develop positive influencers, ethical leaders, inclusive thinkers, and successful scholars. Our goal is to empower students and inspire new ideas, promote wellness, and provide opportunities for talent development for all students within the Honors Community.”

What can you expect from us?

  • A friendly, safe, and welcoming environment
  • An individualized approach to your Honors experience
  • A commitment to inclusion and diversity
  • Knowledge and resources to help you succeed

We’re here for you! Come see us: To connect with our office, please drop by. To connect with specific staff members please contact them via email.

Honors Programming and Events Office

1276 Storrs Road, Unit 4159 (Buckley Hall)
Storrs, CT 06269-4159
Email: honorsevents@uconn.edu
Phone: (860) 486-1616
Fax: (860) 486-1785

The Team

Leigh Fine (Interim Assistant Director) 

A note from Leigh:

I value working with students because I hope to play a part in creating the world’s next generation of critical thinkers, leaders, and global citizens.  I am here to talk about leadership, inclusion, your UConn Honors experience, or any other questions you may have.  Feel free to stop by my office for help – or just to say hello!

Come see Leigh about:

  • International opportunities with Honors
  • The UConn Honors Congressional Internship Program
  • EGEN 3200/ 3092, the Honors peer facilitation courses
  • Connecting Honors Programming and Events with other on- or off-campus units
  • Support an someone to talk to

Contact: Leigh.fine@uconn.edu |  ( 860) 486-1834


Kristen Glines (Program Coordinator) 

A note from Kristen:
Please feel free come by and talk any time you want. I love getting to know students and always strive to be as helpful and supportive as possible! I am happy to assist you in navigating UConn’s myriad of opportunities to help you maximize your time here! Stop by any time!

Come see Kristen about:

  • Honors Council (HC), Honors in Business Association (HiBA), and Honors Initiative for Prospective Students (HIPS)
  • Honors Events
  • Involvement and Leadership Opportunities in the Honors Program
  • Support & Someone to Talk To

Contactkristen.glines@uconn.edu |  ( 860) 486-6785

Christie Soltys (Program Assistant)

A note from Christie:
I enjoy building strong connections with students and hope to get to know a lot of you. Please feel free to stop by my desk in Buckley at any point. I am here as a resource to offer the support you need to be a successful student at UConn. 

Come see Christie about:

  • Honors Events and Programs
  • Honors Across State Boarders (HASB), Humanities and Arts Collective (HArCo), and Multicultural Honors Collective (MHC)
  • Involvement and Leadership Opportunities in the Honors Program
  • Support & Someone to Talk To

Contact: christie.soltys@uconn.edu |  ( 860) 486-2131

Danielle Chaloux (University Specialist)

Come see Danielle about:

  • Leadership in Action (LIA) and Honors in Business Association (HiBA)
  • Honors Podcast
  • Support and someone to talk to

Contact: Danielle.chaloux@uconn.edu | (860) 486-1177