Honors Town Hall: March 30, 2020, 3:30-5:00 PM

The Honors Town Hall took place on Monday, March 30, 3:30 – 5:00 PM.

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The Town Hall was hosted by Jennifer Lease Butts, with additional panelists Jaclyn Chancey, Leigh Fine, Kaitlin Heenehan, Anne Kim, and Patricia Szarek. Each panelist discussed current issues in their areas of responsibility and answered questions that were sent in advance. There was also the ability to submit questions within the event itself, to be answered as time permits.


Jennifer Lease Butts: Hi everyone. It’s good to – even though I can’t see you, hopefully you can see me. We’re going to wait just a few more minutes to see if some more students logon, but in the meantime this is Abby. This is how I’m staying whelmed, and if you can’t tell she’s quite happy to have mom home all the time. So I thought I would try to do this web chat with all of you today without Abby, but she didn’t think that was a good idea, so she’s in here. If you hear a bark or shuffling of her collars, it just means something exciting is happening outside, generally a bird or a squirrel or a chipmunk or the bunny that she tries to catch on the daily. So I just thought you should know that our general environment here includes Abby-girl.

So we’re happy to be joining you today. So I mentioned we’re going to take a couple more minutes just to kind of hang out and before we get to the- the few things that we want to share with folks today, and have everybody from the Honors staff share a little bit of information from their areas, so I’ll tell you some of the things that, that we’ve been thinking about a lot include how we can best help you, things that we can do to be supportive, you know, answering and fielding a lot of questions. As you probably have guessed, none of us are in the office, and we’re all working from home which means we’ve had to develop some new strategies for working together and getting together and thinking about how we do our normal work which includes running down the hall to brainstorm with someone, and not being able to run down the hall anymore. Or if I do it’s really only to brainstorm with my husband or my son or Abby, and you know, they’re all great, but they don’t necessarily have great ideas about Honors.

So…so we’ve made some adjustments to our schedules and what we’re doing and kind of thinking through how we work more effectively and better together as a team in order to help you and work more effectively with you. That said, the easiest way to get in touch, the fastest way to get in touch, is to email the Honor- Honors general email, which is just honors@uconn.edu. That is checked on the regular. Someone or multiple people are triaging that email inbox all the time. If you have a specific staff member that you’re working with or traditionally work with or you know whom the question should go to you, can absolutely feel free to email that person directly too, but if you just have a general question and you don’t know whom to ask, that honors@uconn.edu is the best way to get in touch with us. We will definitely be back in touch with you as soon as possible. Nexus is still a good option too because we do have staff members who have appointments available on Nexus, so you can continue to use that resource as a way of contacting people and getting in touch with people should you need them. So those are all the sort of general updates I think.

So I think since it’s about four minutes after we’ll go ahead and get started, and let you know what we’re planning to do with our time that we have allotted here today. So first I would say, too, if this is helpful, if you find this format helpful and it’s- it’s good and working for you, then please let us know. Any feedback would be appreciated because we would certainly be very happy to do more of these since we continue to reach you in this way if you feel it’s working for you, so let us know about that. I want to thank folks who submitted some questions in advance as well because we’ve got those plugged in to our plans for conversation today, and as we’re going there is a Q&A feature on the WebEx, so make sure you pull that up if you have a question because someone on staff is triaging those and making sure they get to the right person, so we’ll answer those for you as we go throughout the presentation today. So our general plan is to start by having each staff member who is listed as a panelist – so you can see our names below there – give you a little bit of an update from their area, and they’ll tell you things that might be new information or <bark> Oh see, squirrel. <bark> Abby. No. Sorry about that. So they’ll be giving you that information for each of their areas and lots of that will answer the questions that have already been submitted and move on to any Q&A that’s coming in. The barking makes it much more entertaining, right? Here she is on the back of my couch. So, alright. I’m going to turn it over to, oh one other quick thing before I start… <bark> I’m going to let her out, that’s what’s going to happen…<pause>…Apologies. Her number one breed characteristic is protection. She takes that very seriously. She’s like, you know, Under Armour dog, “we must protect this house.”

So okay now that we’re quiet again, quick note about the medals ceremony. I know people are asking about that and wondering about that. We are planning to have some type of virtual medals ceremony. We haven’t formalized the details yet, but along with virtual commencement we will be do some doing something in the virtual realm, and the plan for now is to have a full medals ceremony that that complements the plans for commencement. So I know that President Katsouleas has hopes to hold that October 9th through 11th weekend, and so somewhere in there we will have a medals ceremony included in the celebrations for that weekend. So stay tuned. We’re also trying to figure out some very cool ways to let you virtually ring the bell or gong the gong and- and celebrate your thesis like we normally do, so stay tuned for that. If you’re a senior and thinking about that, we’re going to continue to find ways to celebrate you for sure. Okay, so first up is Jaclyn Chancey who’s going to give you a little bit of information about courses and curriculum. Thanks, Jaclyn.   

Jaclyn Chancey: Alright. Okay. And the computer says you can see and hear me, so we’re going to go with that. Okay so the biggest thing I want to communicate to everybody is that Honors isn’t working on its own. We are constantly trying to make sure that we are communicating in- in line with the rest of UConn. So when we start talking about courses and policies, that means that you should also kind of consider what we say for Honors in connection to the Registrar’s policies, working with your advisors, and working with your faculty. So that’s the biggest thing, and I’ll talk about that a bit. The other big, you know, overriding thing is that if you are registered for Honors credit this semester, we want to make sure that you have the opportunity to earn Honors credits. So that might be an Honors course, an Honors conversion, or one of your independent studies or research. So what we want is to make sure that if you signed up for Honors credit, you have the opportunity to earn that Honors credit. And if you decide – and we’ll talk about those mechanisms in a minute – if you decide that you don’t want to earn Honors credit, that’s- that’s your choice. And we want to leave that as your choice.

Talking honors courses, I have heard some great examples of Honors courses moving online, like our core course in entrepreneurship is doing synchronous learning and doing multimedia projects over Zoom. I know that the first-year writing courses as a whole, had really worked hard to move their studio online, and in particular, I know the Honors courses – my understanding is there’s some work on how do you talk about the challenges of learning in this environment and actually move that as part- recognizing that challenge as part of the learning process and as part of the writing. So I know that there is a lot of really good work happening on campus to get your learning at Honors level online very quickly. So faculty, anybody that’s online, I know you have this well in hand. You’re getting great assistance from our colleagues in CETL. If you need anything else for your Honors courses – ideas, resources, answers, whatever – just let me know. I am an additional resource for you.

In terms of conversions, we’re seeing those confirmations come in through the Honors mailbox. That’s saying that, here are the modifications we’re making to this conversion project, and seeing how do they fit into an online learning model. So if your project, if your conversion project isn’t changing at all, fine. Just continue. We’re- we trust you. If you are changing your conversion in any way, it is a good policy, good practice to go ahead and- and document this in an email with the student, the faculty, Honors advisor, and honors@uconn.edu. Just documenting, here is our newest agreement. It just makes sure that everybody’s on the same page, but you all agreed and understand that you agree to the same thing. That’s it. I don’t want anybody to feel like they have to go back through the system. We will just keep the email, and that’s fine. So if – I mentioned this in my email to st- in our email to students, made sure this was in here, that if you decide that that conversion is just something that you don’t have the bandwidth for this semester, you’ve got a lot going on, then just go ahead and let your faculty member, your advisor, and us know that you’re withdrawing your conversion request. That’s fine. There is no penalty to that, we just want that choice to be yours.

Now we are getting a lot of questions about the pass/fail rules. And so again, the university set their new policies in terms of removing the deadline for setting a course on pass/fail, removing restrictions on the number of pass/fails you could have. And so our new policy is in line with that. So you may or may not realize that when you put a course on pass/fail, your faculty member, your instructor, still submits a grade for you. It’s just that in the system that grade is translated into pass or fail, so it shows up on your transcript as pass/fail. It doesn’t factor into you into your GPA, but there is a grade back there. So for this semester only, if your earned grade of what the seme- if what the faculty member puts in, is a B-minus or better in an Honors course or in a course where you’re doing your conversion, you will earn Honors credit even if you place the course on pass/fail. So that takes care of that question of “Can I put a quest- an Honors course on pass/fail/.” Is- it’s still that B-minus threshold, so that means say for example you don’t want to B-minus in your GPA, and that’s a result of this switch to online, and there’s a lot of stress going on. You can still earn Honors credits even if you don’t want that course in your GPA.

There is one thing, though. Make sure you have checked in with your advisor, your Honors advisor, your department, and your college. Each of the colleges is putting up comments and policies on, are there any classes that they don’t want put on pass/fail or that they won’t count. So general education courses, those can go on pass/fail. That was a university statement. But each college has the – and department – can choose which courses need to be graded or can be on pass/fail to count towards certain requirements. So for example we’ve had a question about, you know, can your- can you put a W course in and still have it count to your major. That’s something that your major department has to answer. So definitely always work with your Honors advisors and your department, and if you have questions about finding information let us know, but we have to work with everybody else. Okay so, that’s my main messages, and I think that our next one is Patty Szarek.

Patty Szarek: Hi everyone. I just wanted to share some information with you about- information for graduating seniors. We are working on a way, a particular way, for you to submit your thesis electronically and the approval process will also be submitted electronically, so your thesis or project supervisor will be doing that online as well as your Honors advisor. So just watch for information about that in your email. Also because all staff members are working remotely, we are unable to accept hard copies of theses, so do pay attention to these emails so that you do get- get that to us in the way that we need it. The deadlines for the thesis and projects are currently remaining the same. The thesis and projects are due on May 1st with the approval of the thesis supervisor and Honors advisor. You may have a routine two-week extension up until May 15th without approval from Honors, but you do need the approval of your thesis supervisor and Honors advisor. So you don’t need to contact us just work it out with your advisors, and then get it to us in the way that we’re requesting by May 15th. If you need more time beyond May 15th, you can still make a May degree deadline, but you should email honors@uconn.edu to tell us that you’re requesting the extension and let us know that you have talked to your advisors to make sure that they are on board and willing to- to work with you on that deadline. The final Honors deadline at this point is noon on June 10th, and with that includes all approvals, all grades for your courses, Honors credits, and all that needs to be done because that corresponds with the degree deadline set by the Registrar’s office. If they change their deadline for any reason, we will- we’ll do whatever is in line with their deadline, but currently they are stay- staying with June 10th deadline.

Moving on to academic participation review that we typically do over the summer, usually students need to earn a minimum of six Honors credits during an academic year to be eligible to continue in Honors for the subsequent fall semester. To allow for greater flexibility this year, we did bring this to the Honors Board, and went for further approval through Scholastic Standards, but the minimum Honors credit requirement has been waived for the 2019-2020 academic year. So what we will do is we will resume that review in summer 2021, and it will be based on the Honors credit you’ve earned during the 2020-2021 academic year, where we’ll be looking for six Honors credits during that academic year. You do not- you’re not expected to go back and make up your missing credits from this academic year for the purposes of continuation. However, you should work with your departmental Honors advisors to make sure you’re on track for Honors graduation, based on the credits that you have earned. You are welcome to contact the Honors program with individual questions and guidance from Honor staff advisors and staff members via email. WebEx appointments are being scheduled through Nexus right now.

For Honors admission, the deadlines for current UConn students who are interested in applying to Honors as rising sophomores or rising juniors was moved from April 1st to July 1st, so you will access that application through the Quest portal. There is an Honors preliminary plan of study that’s required for rising junior- rising juniors, and we’re moving to put that online and it will be online by the end of the semester, so watch for that through the Quest portal. In application- the decisions from applications will be- notification will go out to all the applicants by August 1st as scheduled at this point.

For entering first-year students, we are really excited to bring in a new class again this year for fall 2020, so after the cancellation of the in-person open houses and the Husky-for-a-days, we’re now planning some virtual experiences that are going to happen probably in mid-April. We’re going to have a presentation, student panel, and we’re exploring other ways to reach out to these entering students, in particular the Honors Initiative for Prospective Students, our HIPS student organization, will have opportunities to engage with the prospective students, so if you’re interested in getting involved, you can get your name on a list of volunteers through the HIPS student org. And I believe the next one is Anne Kim.

Anne Kim: Thanks, Patty. So I just want to say we know that you have been getting a lot of information lately from us, from UConn, from your professors and TAS. The most important thing I want to say is that you don’t have to make any big decisions right away, you can take your time. So aside from this town hall, the Honors COVID page is the best place to get information related to Honors. The different UConn schools and colleges also have pages you can refer to for information on updated academic policies. We know that it’s a lot to process during a time when you’re trying to learn a lot of new things, and it could be helpful to talk through it all with an Honor staff advisor. So you can go Nexus and schedule an appointment with Jason Gordon or me, Anne Kim. We’ve been doing a lot of test runs on WebEx and have met with students last week, so we’re feeling pretty comfortable with this platform, but if the phone call is your preferred method, we can call you and talk on the phone. We also realize you might not have a private place to have an appointment, and you’d like to talk about things related to your educational record such as your grades or your plan of study. There is information on our Nexus pages when you book an appointment with us about what we’re doing to protect your privacy, but you can also refer to the email you received from advising@uconn.edu on March 21st. So this was sent out two Saturdays ago. Honors faculty advisors can also find this same information on the advising.uconn.edu page. Again we’re here for you, so please email us, find us on Nexus. We really want to help you stay whelmed during this time. So I think that Leigh Fine is next. 

Leigh Fine: Hello Honors community and greetings from Honors Programming and Events. I have a few updates related to our co-curricular and living-learning communities to share with you all. First off we’re going residential life. I want to assure our returning students that I’ve been in touch with the housing folks at Residential Life, and Honors housing selection will still happen, but of course given complications due to move out being postponed and things of that nature, that selection is delayed. But Honors selection will still happen for our upper division students, so I assure you, our Honors living-learning communities at the stores campus will come back strong next year including our first year community in Buckley-Shippee as well. So the advice from Honors Programming/Events is continue to watch your email inbox for communications from Residential Life and contact them with any questions about dates, move out, things of that nature.

I’m happy to report that our Honors Guides for Peer Success, so our peer mentors who help us administer the Honors co-curricular requirements, are still active at this time and are working remotely. So there are two ways to liaise with them, connect with them. One is they have a virtual meeting room they’ve set up, and they’ve emailed the Honors community with the link to that virtual room, so during their drop-in hours feel free to click that link and connect with the GPSs in that room, ask them any questions. Or if you’d rather set up an appointment, please email them at honorsGPS@uconn.edu and feel free to set up an appointment time and connect and chat with them. Some of the advice that Ann gave about advising, finding a private space or making arrangements to connect for an appointment with the GPSs would also hold for that group.

If you register for an University Honors Laureate leadership experience workshop, the first step in the leadership experience to earn the University Honors Laureate award, the Honors GPS team is planning on offering those workshops remotely. So if you are registered, they plan on reaching out to you to confirm that you hope to attend the virtual version of the workshop, and there are also some online options that are available asynchronously as well. So if you have questions about the UHL leadership workshop, feel free to contact the Honors GPS team, but know that they are trying to make arrangements for students who sign up for that to still participate.

Our Honors organizations are an important and vibrant part of our Honors community, and I want to assure our organizations that the staff of Programming and Events as well as any of our Honors staff who advise organizations are still in contact with our Honors student organizations, still working with them, and trying to set them up for success for both the rest of the semester and the coming academic year. So we want to encourage those of you who are active in Honors student organizations, there are still options to meet and collaborate virtually on WebEx – that you all are on right now – is a great tool and we’ve used it with some great success to contact our Honors student leaders and get them talking with one another. So I want to empower our Honors student organizations to think about ways they can reach out and connect using virtual tools. However, that said, know that not meeting is perfectly okay too, that a lot of us are adjusting to classwork and in this new – I want to kind of pun “virtual reality” – but that, you know, that’s bad I know, but we’re all adjusting to things, so if you want to focus on your academics or other things right now that’s fine too. But empowering our Honor student organizations to think about how are ways that we can continue to connect, offer events, things like that. Speak with your Honors organization advisor, and there are plenty of options to explore.

Our advertising efforts – Honors Weekly and Updates in Honors – are still going out, so Honors Weekly are newsletter digests every Friday around noon. Updates and Honors every Tuesday morning. So please continue to check those. I know they’ve been a little sparse as of late because of a lot of events being canceled, but there are still awards, applications, opportunities, news items. Our team also expects that as campus partners transition existing event plans to online virtual offerings, that more Honors events might crop up. So please keep an eye on those advertising mechanisms. I also want to encourage any faculty/staff partners who may be at the town hall today, if you submitted an Honors event and want to think about transitioning that to an online format, our team would be happy to work with you. You can always fill out an updated Honors event request form through our website or contact a member of our team including me. We’d be happy to explore offering events virtually.

One bit of good news, I hope folks have seen that the Honors Student Leadership Awards for Student Leader of the Year and Honor Student Organization of the Year are still active. Our team decided that recognizing good work in tough times is important. In fact, maybe even more important. And we recognize that a lot of good work still occurred this academic year, so we extended the application deadline through this Friday 5:00 p.m. So Friday April 3rd 5:00 p.m. Please look at the link in last week’s Honors Weekly and Updates in Honors and consider nominating a student who’s done some great work for the Honors Student Leader Award or an Honors Organization for the Organization of the Year Award.

Last but not least, I want to reiterate that Honors Programming/Events is here for you, if you need someone to talk to, you don’t know where to start, please feel free to email honorsevents@uconn.edu. If we’re not the right side of the Honors house, we’re happy to connect you to our colleagues who are more knowledgeable. With that I’m going to throw it over to Kaitlin Heenehan, our Assistant Director for Honors at UConn Stamford to talk about…if she’s there.

Kaitlin Heenehan: Alright thank you so much, Leigh. Hi everyone. Kaitlin Heenehan here representing UConn Honors at Stamford. I just have a few quick Stamford campus-specific updates for you. So there is a separate UConn Stamford COVID-19 page because of our unique needs due to campus location and the need to summarize and share information from local and regional directives. So updates particular to our campus are being shared via a daily email and linked on that page, but also Stamford campus students, faculty, and staff should also still be checking that main university-wide COVID-19 page as well for policies and updates. I also just wanted to send a quick message to Honors prospective students on the Stamford campus or those interested in enrichment programs overall, so first year, transfer, or current students applying in can connect with me via email with any questions, and as Patty mentioned before, we will be a part of UConn Bound virtual programming for incoming students. So that programming is being planned to serve all campuses. Stamford campus faculty members with questions about admissions can also still reach out to me of course as well. I met with our- on another note, I met with our Honor Student Leadership Board Stamford, our new- which is our new Honors student organization on the Stamford campus, just last week, and while they will be moving most of their plans for spring 2020 to fall 2020, primarily they are also actively considering ways to be in touch virtually too. So you’ll hear from them directly about those plans from their new email address which is HSLBStamford@uconn.edu.

And lastly I just wanted to mention in the spirit of trying to find some silver linings in all of this, there are some nice examples lately of how virtual connections can actually bring all of our campuses together. So if anyone is planning anything or sending anything virtually in the next few weeks, please think about how all UConn campuses might be involved, as it makes sense and is appropriate, as we do have Honors students on all of our campuses. And now I think I’m going to turn it over- we’re going to start our Q&A portion of the town hall, starting with questions that were submitted ahead of time, and then we’ll move to questions that you all have in the moment.

Jennifer Lease Butts: Right. Thank you, Kaitlin. Thank you to everyone else too. So I’ll start with a few of the questions that were already submitted. One question was, “Will any leniency be given to graduating Honors students that have completed all requirements other than their final Honors conversion or course that they can’t maintain that B-minus due to the circumstances of the semester?” So the short version right now is that- that we will need to look at this on a case-by-case basis. So if you find yourself in this situation, getting in touch with us sooner rather than later is certainly important. Right now the regulations that we’re governed by, that are passed by both the Honors Board of faculty and staff advisors and approved by Scholastic Standards, which is a committee in the University Senate, require that the B-minus still be the threshold for Honors credit. So- so the best course of action at this point is to be in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can help brainstorm solutions. We are absolutely committed to helping students figure out whatever help they need or assistance they need or where we need to go ask for some stipulations throughout this process because these are completely unprecedented scenarios. So again let me reiterate that both Anne Kim and Jason Gordon are fantastic advisors for Honors that- that any student can contact so- so your best bet is really probably to schedule something with them, and that way it’s on our radar to be aware of it if you find yourself truly having difficulty and you’re worried about your grade in that Honors course.

The second question was whether or not it’s possible to convert your Honors thesis credits to pass/fail, and if so, will students still get the Honors credit for the W, the W credits, graduation, that sort of thing. So as Dr. Chancey mentioned earlier, you can now receive Honors credit for any course put on pass/fail as long as you have that B-minus or higher, but the real answers to your other parts of those questions, not- not the Honors part, but will it still count for graduation, for a W requirement, those need to be directed to your Honors advisor in your department. So make sure that you are being in touch with them. Departments have the authority to decide whether or not those other waivers are going to be allowed to make that pass/fail course count for the other requirements such as graduation or the W requirement, so check with your Honors advisor in your academic department for the full complete answer to this question. But in terms of the, will the Honors credit count, yes as long as it’s pass/fail and you have a B-minus or higher in the course, it would count as Honors credit.

We’ve also gotten a few questions about medals, in terms of mailing medals to students. So as you can probably guess, the medals are safely tucked away at UConn right now. So none of us have access to them at this moment, but when we do have access again, if students are not going to be able to join us at that October ceremony that we’re planning for that 9th through 11th weekend, that October 9th through 11th weekend, I’m sure we will figure out something to help students get their medals. So for now, we’ll just need you to be a little bit patient, because we don’t know when we’ll have access to them again in order to- to get them to you, but rest assured that if you can’t get to us, we will absolutely find your- your medal that you have worked so hard for, we’ll find a way to get that medal to you.

So I think those are all of our questions that we got ahead of time, and then I will open it up in case anyone has additional questions now that they want to put into question and answer, or if folks have been assigned questions and they want to come on and ask based on some of the comments.

Jaclyn Chancey: I was just going to remind people, so we have not gotten any questions so far, so hopefully that means that we’ve fulfilled all of our attendees’ answers. But for our attendees, you should hopefully see on the right of your screen, if you’re on a computer, on a desktop, or laptop, you should see on the right a Q&A box that allows you to type a question. And if you have any questions still outstanding- Ah, there we have one. I will assign it over to Dr. Lease Butts and let her answer…<pause>… We can’t hear you yet.

Jennifer Lease Butts: Okay, I figured out where the question was. Hold on. “How has the Honors staff been doing?” Thank you Tom for asking that question. So in general I think we’re good. The pets of Honors are happy because their people are home all the time, but in general I think, I think it was maybe after the first week of spring break when we were all- we were all home that first week that by Friday I was sending out a reminder for all of us to stay whelmed too. It was a lot. There was a lot of information that was changing on a minute-by-minute basis, and- and I hope that- that you’re feeling some of what I think most of us are feeling, which is, we’re starting to get into a rhythm. There’s systems in places. We know how things are working. We know that we can still connect with students virtually. There are no naps, I’m sorry to say. Only Abby gets Honors naps, but- but right now we’re doing really well, and thanks so much for asking. Other than the fact that we just miss you all terribly. Everything else was good.

Jaclyn Chancey: I won’t-I won’t name any other names, but I can say for myself that this may be the first time in a week and a half that I’ve fully done my hair and tried to look presentable for everybody, so thanks for that excuse to pay attention…<pause>…

Jennifer Lease Butts: It looks like there was one more question about being unable to access lab data, materials to complete the project, a thesis, and how should one go about completing it. The best answer for that is to make sure you’re being in touch with your- your thesis supervisor. I think if you can share with them, with that-that supervisor what’s happening, what’s going on, where you are in terms of the process, they’ll be able to brainstorm with you some- some solutions and resolutions. That said, please feel free to use the Honor staff as resources. So if you want to chat with us first, if you are having questions that are still emerging even after you’ve talked with a faculty member, you know, I want students to rest assured that we are committed to make sure- to making sure that this pandemic does not halt your academic progress. And what I mean by that is, it should take you no more time than it would have to complete your degree requirements and complete your Honors assignments and Honors portion of that. So we just want to- to make sure that- that you’ve got everything you need and the resources you need. So be in touch with us, but- but the first thing is to really be in touch with your thesis supervisor. I am sure that they are also in a very similar state, which is trying to figure out how to continue to do their work in this environment, so I think giving everyone a little bit of patience and a little bit of grace and trying to figure out how to work collaboratively and together, even if what emerges wasn’t what you thought was going to emerge, you know, at the beginning of the semester. So, you know, this is, frankly, how research works. It doesn’t always go according to plan, and the thing that makes this semester different than any other that I’ve ever been on – I mean other than global pandemic – is the fact that everyone, every Honors senior right now is dealing with something that they did not anticipate having to- to confront. And so everyone’s plans are being altered right now. So- so communication, I think, it’s always the key. And whether that’s via phone or email, you know, WebEx. whatever it is, try to figure out a way to make sure you’re in communication with your thesis supervisor, often and regularly from now through the end of the semester, and then let us know if you need any help or assistance…<pause>…Not seeing any other questions. Is anyone seeing any other questions?

Jaclyn Chancey: No more posted…<pause>…Our number of attendees, people are leaving so…

Jennifer Lease Butts: Alright. So we can stop now, I think, and maybe everybody can put their cameras back on and just wave bye, that way we can see all happy shiny faces. It was pretty exciting for all of us to do hair and makeup and see each other, so- so we’ll say bye to everybody now, and we hope you have a great day, and we’re here if you need it. Alright, stay whelmed. Bye! Abby says bye too. Hi. You say bye? No. Okay. Bye, everyone.