After Advising (Stamford)

Congratulations! You’ve seen the campus and created a schedule for your first semester! You are now on the path to your new journey in the UConn Honors Program at Stamford.


Remember to “swap don’t drop” if making any changes to your schedule. The “swap” feature holds your seat in one course while you secure a seat in another course (add/drop/swap period continues through Day 10,). Reach out to with any questions during this process and/or your advisor listed in StudentAdmin  (will be updated over the summer if currently blank).

Before making any changes, check any necessary AP scores and make sure they have been sent to UConn in addition to any transfer credit transcripts. It takes time for your credit to be sent and processed onto your transcript, so do this now!

Trouble enrolling? Here is a list of possible reasons you might not be able to enroll in a class.

Beyond Orientation, remember there are lots of folks in Honors who can help you stay whelmed: 

  • Peer Support:
    • Peer Allies Through Honors (PATH) – all first-year Honors students at Stamford will be matched with a mentor in their first semester to help with the transition to college and give you a person to ask questions of and know on campus! You’ll be matched in mid-August so keep an eye on your email for your mentor’s information and expect to hear from them before the semester begins! 
    • Honors Guides for Peer Success (GPS) – we have 2 at Stamford! They’ll be available in-person in room 3.46 and virtually too, starting the first week of the semester (schedule to come!).
    • UNIV 1784 Student Facilitators – you’ll meet them in class during your first week!
    • Honors Student Organization leaders – HSLB-Stamford and PATH-Stamford are our two organizations based at Stamford! HSLB-Stamford will host a welcome event during the first week, keep an eye on your email for info about that! 
  • Honors staff and Honors advisors
  • All the wonderful UConn resources beyond Honors as well!

Follow @uconnstamfordenrichment on Instagram to stay up to speed (particularly during the semester) on opportunities available to you!

Questions? Email and (this way if Kaitlin is out, someone else can review your question!)