Frantzy Suffrard

Graduate Assistant, Honors and Enrichment Programs

Mr. Frantzy Suffrard is a Graduate Assistant for the Honors and Enrichment Programs, specifically working with the Rowe Scholars Program. In this role, Frantzy organizes weekly communications to Rowe Scholars, collaborates with the Honors and Enrichment team to support students in their personal and professional development, collects and analyzes data from student surveys, supports student groups, and offers social and emotional advising to Rowe Scholars.

Frantzy, a Boston native and TRIO program alumnus, spent several years working for precollegiate programs and has always been a strong advocate for the support and advancement of low income, first-generation college-bound students from his community. As a Student Success Coach at the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, he co-created cohesive academic and social programs for the student body, analyzed new student and retention data to develop department-specific goals, and increased outreach efforts to keep students from falling through the cracks.  What Frantzy provides for students is a sense of home. He uses his own lived experiences to bring calm to restless students and allows himself to be vulnerable and candid about hardships he has endured. Frantzy is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Higher Education Administration from the University of Connecticut.

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