Sophomore Honors

Note: Sophomore Honors will last be awarded for eligible students who enter UConn as degree-seeking students in Fall 2017.

To encourage you to take early advantage of all that UConn and Honors has to offer, we created Sophomore Honors. It is an optional but highly encouraged opportunity. If you wish to earn Sophomore Honors—which a large percentage of our students do—please know there are milestones you must reach to achieve this award.  Students must apply to earn the award.

 To Earn Sophomore Honors

Complete 16 Honors credits (15 + 1 for UNIV 1784) OR 18 Honors credits (if you do not take or earn Honors credit in UNIV 1784 Honors First Year Experience seminar):- This must include at least 3 Honors credits earned in an Honors Core course- If you have not yet satisfied the University’s Freshman English requirement at the time of entry into Honors, you must earn credit for Honors Freshman English (ENGL 2011). (These credits may count toward the required 16 or 18 Honors credits as long as you earned a B- or above in ENGL 2011.)
Attend 1 Honors Thesis/Research Preparation Workshop and sign the attendance sheet
Attend 5 Honors events and submit event journal forms on time
Have a cumulative GPA of 3.40 or higher (by the end of summer classes following your fourth semester)

Note: *You must earn a B- or higher in an Honors course, conversion, or any course in which you plan to receive Honors credit.

The Sophomore Honors Application

The Sophomore Honors application ensures you have completed all steps to receive this award. This form is important because:

It lists the Honors courses you want counted toward Sophomore Honors
If you have taken more credits than you need, you may wish NOT to use certain courses at the 2000 level and above. These can be used toward your requirements for Honors in the Major, if approved by your Honors advisor.
It lists the Honors events you have attended for this award
Keep the confirmation e-mail messages that you receive when completing event journals so that you can keep track of how many you’ve attended. (You may also email Honors to inquire about your Honors event attendance.)
It will be used for your transcript and to create the Fall Honors Ceremony event program

 Additional Things to Know

The requirements must be completed during your first four semesters if you entered as a freshmanPlease note: Anticipated Honors credits planned for the summer immediately following your fourth semester can be used.
If you come to Honors with sophomore standing, you may complete the requirements in one year.
If you chose not to earn Sophomore Honors, you must still meet minimum credit and GPA requirements to remain in Honors.
AP credits, ECE credits, and credits taken at other institutions may not be used toward the Sophomore Honors requirements.
You must apply for Sophomore Honors

Acknowledgement of the Award

You will be recognized at the annual Fall Honors Ceremony

You will receive a personalized certificate

The achievement will be noted on your transcript