FAQs (Prospective Students)

What does the Honors Program provide?

The Honors Program provides a nationally-competitive program for academically talented and highly motivated students at all University of Connecticut campuses. It enriches the academic experience of undergraduates in all majors by offering the challenges of in-depth study and considerable opportunity for independent projects or research. Participation in the Honors Program further influences the quality and character of a student’s education by offering opportunities for involvement in a community designed for individual, social, and cultural development.

How will the Honors Program challenge me?

Honors faculty and staff expect you to be curious and creative. The program is designed to support out-of-the-box thinkers as they discover their outstanding potential and prepare for the challenges of the future. Academically, you will engage on a professional level with leading faculty, explore research opportunities, and have the option to take graduate courses as an undergraduate. You will also be introduced to social and cultural experiences within the boundaries of the University and beyond.

What is the profile of a typical first-year Honors student?

First-year Honors students are a diverse group of scholars with strong academic profiles from Connecticut and beyond. They are highly motivated students with a variety of academic and co-curricular interests.

Do Honors students receive any special benefits?

Yes! They include priority in registration, housing, advising, and library lending. Learn more.

What are the academic requirements of the Honors Program?

There are various milestones you will be expected to achieve as an Honors student. Learn more about Honors requirements to be sure you stay on track. Your Honors advisor will work with you as you progress through the program, as will the Honors staff.

How will I know if I have been admitted to the Honors Program as a first-year student?

Your invitation will be part of your acceptance letter to UConn. Learn more.

How much do GPA and test scores affect acceptance into the Honors Program as a first-year student?

Every student is evaluated with a holistic review. There are several factors considered for admission to Honors, including but not limited to GPA and test scores.

Will I receive a merit scholarship if I am admitted to the Honors Program?

Not automatically. The awarding of merit scholarships is done by the Office of Admissions, and is completely separate from admission to Honors. However, many Honors students do end up receiving merit awards simply because our students are among the most competitive scholars in each incoming class. Questions regarding scholarships should be directed to Undergraduate Admissions.

Can transfer students join the UConn Honors Program?

Yes, but you must apply to the Honors Program separately from admission to the University. Your Honors application as a transfer student will be reviewed once you are accepted to UConn through Undergraduate Admissions.

I was accepted to the UConn Honors Program as a first-year student, but went to a different school. If I transfer to UConn, will I automatically be accepted to the Honors Program?

No. You must reapply to the Honors Program. Once you’ve been accepted to the University as an undergraduate, your Honors Program application for that term will be considered.

If I am not admitted to Honors as a first-year student, what are my options for admission?

If you do not enter the Honors Program in your first year, you may still have the opportunity for an Honors education. Current first-year and second-year UConn students, as well as students transferring to UConn, are able to apply to the Honors Program. Admission is based on various factors, but strongly considers your post-secondary work and how you plan to pursue the unique enriched experience offered through the Honors Program.

How can I find out more about UConn and UConn Honors?

We want to connect with you as you learn more about the University and the Honors Program. As you consider where you will go to college, we are excited to share information with you and answer your questions. Of course you can browse our web pages or email Honors to learn more or ask questions, but perhaps you want to hear from current students about their experiences. To find out more about events, on-demand content, and other ways for you to find out what it means to be an Honors Husky, click here.

How do I sign up for a campus tour?

Book a guided tour by contacting the Lodewick Visitors Center.

How do I sign up for a Husky-for-a-Day visit? Will I meet current Honors on this day?

  • Fall: You may schedule a Husky-for-a-Day visit in the fall through the Admissions website. While there are no designated Honors dates during the fall months, you may meet Honors students who are leaders and volunteers with the Husky Ambassadors Program student group.
  • Spring: Once you are admitted to UConn, you may register for a Husky-for-a-Day visit through your applicant portal or via the Husky-for-a-Day page. If you were admitted to the Honors Program, we invite you to attend an Honors reception that is offered designated visit days.
  • Please contact the Husky-for-a-Day Program for answers to your registration questions via email at hap@uconn.edu or 860-486-1601.

If you don’t see the answer to your question here, feel free to contact us.