Honors Admissions

Incoming First-Years

You will automatically be considered for admission to the Honors Program as a first-year undergraduate applicant to UConn Storrs, UConn Stamford, or UConn Hartford. There is no separate Honors Program application for entering first-year applicants. Your UConn application will be thoroughly reviewed through a holistic approach, both for admission to UConn and for admission to the Honors Program. If you are admitted to the Honors Program, your invitation to join the Honors Program will be posted to your UConn applicant portal as part of your UConn admissions decision.

We highly recommend that entering first-years apply by December 1 – UConn’s Priority Application Deadline for Merit Scholarships & Honors Consideration.

For more general information on first-year application dates & deadlines, visit the UConn Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Current UConn or Transfer Students

Current undergraduates from any UConn campus may seek admission to the Honors Program after the first year. Transfer students may apply to the Honors Program as they separately apply to UConn, or wait to apply as a current UConn undergraduate. The Honors application for current UConn undergraduates and transfer students can be found here and should be submitted according to the Honors application timeline.

Your admission to the Honors Program will consider your college academic record and your time to graduation with your undergraduate (or Pharm.D.) degree. If you have three or more years until graduation, your Honors admission will consider available space in the Honors Program. If you plan to graduate in two years or less, you will need to connect with a departmental Honors academic advisor in your major to discuss your pathway through Honors and submit an approved Honors Plan of Study.

Readmitted UConn Students After a Leave of Absence

If you’re returning to UConn after a leave of absence, you may seek readmission to the Honors Program upon readmission to UConn. We encourage you to connect with the Dean of Students Office for more information and support. Details about the Honors Readmission process can be found here.