Graduation Requirements

The Honors experience provides an enriched undergraduate program focusing on in-depth Honors work in their major, a broader exposure across the disciplines, and co-curricular opportunities that promote student development. Engagement in this full experience is recognized at graduation.

There are two graduation awards, which you may work towards simultaneously.

Honors Scholar in the Major represents in-depth study in your field. It requires Honors work in your major (or related), an approved thesis, engagement in your major field outside of the classroom, and a minimum GPA. This 15-credit award is designed to be completed in approximately 2 years.

University Honors Laureate is designed to encompass a 3 or 4 year Honors experience. It requires the completion of the Honors Scholar in the Major award plus an additional 15 Honors credits, a breadth of study across all 30 Honors credits, and additional co-curricular experiences.

Students who enter Honors as first- or second-year students are put on the path to earn both awards, while students who enter Honors in their third year will likely concentrate on Honors Scholar in the Major.


Old Honors Requirements: Entry to UConn prior to Fall 2018

Graduation as an Honors Scholar requires in-depth Honors work in your major (or related), an approved thesis, and meeting requirements for breadth, depth, and minimum GPA.