Timeline for Graduation

  Degree Date
Process or Form May 2019 August 2019 December 2018
Review your transcript for “Honors credit” notations  Each semester  Each semester  Each semester
Honors Scholar Final Plan of Study  12/7/2018  12/7/2018 2/2/18 to attend HMC 2018;
4/27/18 to attend HMC 2019
Honors Scholar Thesis Plan 2/1/2019 2/1/2019 2/2/18 to attend HMC 2018;
9/14/18 to attend HMC 2019
Apply to Graduate  Apply through StudentAdmin by 4th week of final semester  Apply through StudentAdmin by 4th week of final semester  Apply through StudentAdmin by 4th week of final semester
Major & Minor Plans of Study (different form than Honors)  Due 4th week of final semester  Due 4th week of final semester  Due 4th week of final semester
Honors Thesis Deadline 1
(Hardcopy must be submitted to Honors Program office, ROWE 419 with signed Honors Thesis Approval Form)
 5/3/2019  8/31/2019  12/7/2018
Submit Thesis to Open Commons 2  See details  See details  See details
Honors Senior Survey 3   5/3/2019  5/3/2019 12/7/2018
Honors Medals Ceremony 5/4/2019 2019 or 2020 5/4/2019
Commencement 5/11 & 5/12, 2019 May 2019 or 2020 May 2019
Routine thesis extensions 4 5/17/2019 none 12/21/18
Further thesis extension honors@uconn.edu honors@uconn.edu honors@uconn.edu
FINAL DEGREE DEADLINE 6 tbd tbd 1/16/19

 Important Notes

1 The Honors Thesis must be submitted in HARD COPY to the Honors Program office with a signed thesis approval form.

2 After the required submission of a hard copy, we highly recommend that you submit your thesis to Open Commons, where your work will have a permanent presence on the internet.

3 You will be asked to complete a Honors Senior Survey to give us feedback about your experience. Later we will ask you about your post-graduation plans.

4 Routine extensions may be allowed with approval of your Honors advisor and thesis supervisor. No email to Honors is required unless requesting a further extension.

5 A further thesis extension (for a date prior to the degree deadline) may be allowed by first getting approval from your Honors advisor and thesis supervisor and then sending a request to honors@uconn.edu. Email should state that you have talked to your advisor and supervisor. It is recommended that you aim for a date earlier than the degree deadline to allow for time for getting signatures, posting grades, and other processing.

6 Final degree deadline – completion by noon. FIRM DEADLINE SET BY DEGREE AUDITING. Students must complete or decide to delay graduation by this time.