Thesis Extensions

The official deadline for approved theses is the final day of classes of the semester in which you will be graduating. The availability of an extension beyond this date is not guaranteed and you must first obtain approval of your thesis supervisor and your Honors advisor for an extension.

Please see the new online thesis submission and approval process. 

For May graduates, approved theses are due by the last day of spring classes.
For August graduates, approved theses are due by August 31st.
For December graduates, approved theses are due by the last day of fall classes.

IMPORTANT: Two-week Extensions

For May or December graduates, if you, your thesis supervisor, and your Honors advisor have mutually agreed, you may have a two-week extension, for submission of your approved Honors thesis. You do not need to notify the Honors Program via email, phone, or fill out a special request form if your approved thesis is submitted within the two week window.

NOTE: Two-week extensions are not available for August graduates.  The thesis deadline is by August 31st.

Steps for Further Extensions:

  1. Contact your thesis supervisor and your Honors advisor to determine if they will both be available after the two week extension and will support a further extension.
  2. With your advisors help, determine a timeline and how long of an extension you will need.
  3. By the end of the two week extension, email
    • confirming that you have the support of both advisors for a further extension;
    • providing the agreed upon new deadline;
    • and to learn your options for graduation.

Your approved thesis will be due by the extended deadline.

Extensions beyond the final degree deadline will result in postponement of your degree conferral.

If you have any questions about submitting your thesis and graduating as an Honors Scholar, email