Online Thesis Submission Instructions

IMPORTANT: To begin, be sure you have discussed your thesis/final project with your thesis supervisor and Honors advisor and no further changes are needed. You should only start the process below once you have completed the revision process and are ready to SUBMIT THE FINAL VERSION OF YOUR THESIS, after all edits have been made, to the Honors program, for official approval from your advisors.

For May 2024 graduates, final approved theses are due in Quest by April 26, 2024.
For August 2024 graduates, final approved theses are due in Quest by August 31, 2024.
For December 2024 graduates, final approved theses are due in Quest by December 6, 2024.

Multiple Honors majors? If you are completing multiple theses, repeat this process for each thesis. 

  1. Have an electronic copy of your FINAL THESIS work accessible.  This should be a clean copy, no track changes, that you have already shared with your thesis supervisor and Honors advisor and completed any requested edits. It should have a cover page with your name, thesis title, thesis supervisor’s and Honors advisor’s names, and any other information your major department may require.
  2. Go to, log in with your NetID, click Programs and search for Submit Your Honors Thesis or click on the direct link, Honors Thesis Submission.
  3. Click on the APPLY button to begin
  4. Complete the first task, which is the Honors Scholar Thesis Approval Form, and then Mark As Complete.
  5. Click on the second task, complete the Thesis Upload, and then Mark As Complete.
  6. Your thesis supervisor and Honors advisor(s) will indicate their approval through recommendations. Each approval is a separate task.
    • If possible, send recommendation requests to individuals’ email addresses.
    • If one person is serving in two capacities, such as thesis supervisor and Honors advisor, send them both recommendations.
    • You will not be able to mark these tasks as complete, nor submit your thesis. This will all happen automatically as recommendations are entered. Once you have sent all recommendation requests, you can leave the site.

As your thesis moves through the system, you will receive the following emails:

  • Notification when each recommender “accepts” the recommendation request
  • Notification when each recommender completes their recommendation
  • Confirmation that your thesis has been submitted and is being reviewed by the Honors Program
  • Confirmation that your thesis has been accepted – PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK EMAIL FOLDER

IMPORTANT You can always go back to your dashboard to check the status of your thesis submission and recommendations.

Potential issues:

  • If a recommender does not receive their recommendation request, you can edit the task, check and/or retype their email address, and resend it. If they still do not receive the request, refer them to the Online Thesis Approval Instructions.
  • If a recommender denies your request for recommendation, you should communicate with them to understand why. Once you have completed any required edits, delete your initial submission and create a new one. This ensures that you, your thesis supervisor, and your Honors advisor(s) are all approving the same version.
  • If there are any other questions or concerns after your approved submission is received, someone from the Honors office will reach out.