Medals Ceremony

The completion of the Honors thesis and other Honors graduation requirements leads to an Honors designation at graduation. We are thrilled to recognize the candidates for these designations at the annual Medals Ceremony each spring during the weekend prior to Commencement.

At the Honors Medals Ceremony, candidates are recognized individually by name and receive a commemorative medal, which may be worn at UConn’s Commencement. The names of candidates, their thesis titles, and their thesis advisors are listed in the event program. Once the official audit has been completed, the Honors designation(s): “Honors Scholar”, and sometimes “University Honors Laureate”, becomes a permanent record on each student’s transcript and diploma.

This ceremony also honors the achievements of the University Scholars, an elite group of students who have completed a specialized plan of study and ambitious scholarly project. Upon completion, a University Scholar is considered the highest academic distinction granted to undergraduates by the University.

Scholars Day

Any UConn student who earns a 3.700 or 4.000 semester grade point average (SGPA) based on a minimum of 12 credits for each semester in a calendar year is eligible to be recognized at the annual Scholars Day ceremony. Students must meet all award criteria and their grades must be posted by the stated date. This ceremony celebrates undergraduates and Doctor of Pharmacy candidates from all UConn campuses, regardless of their membership in the Honors Program.