Honors Requirements

As a member of the Honors Program you will actively participate in academics and co-curricular activities. There will be many opportunities for you to grow as a scholar and as a leader. The Honors Program requirements are set to keep you on track to reach your goals. Find out more about what you need to do to continue your membership in the Honors Program and make the most out of your experience as you work to earn Honors graduation awards and prepare you for the next steps in your journey.

Which Honors Requirements Do I Follow?

Honors graduation requirements flow chart
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Honors requirements are based on the academic year in which a student enters UConn as a degree-seeking undergraduate.

Old: Entry to UConn in Fall 2017 & Earlier

New: Entry to UConn in Fall 2018 & Later 


  • “Early” Graduation – August 2021 or Earlier:
    Students, who enter UConn in Fall 2018 (or later) and plan to graduate “early”, may request to be grandfathered to the old Honors graduation requirements.
  • “Late” Graduation – May 2022 or later:
    Students, who enter UConn prior to Fall 2018 and plan to graduate “late”, may request to move to new Honors graduation requirements.
  • Break in Enrollment: If a student entered UConn under the old Honors requirements and there is a break in their undergraduate enrollment at the University, their Honors requirements are subject to change.


Other Notes

  • Sophomore Honors will be last offered for students who entered UConn in Fall 2017.
  • Honors credits used toward Sophomore Honors may not be used toward University Honors Laureate.
  • Co-curricular activities done prior to Fall 2018 may not be used toward University Honors Laureate.