Honors Requirements

Note: We are excited about the pending revisions that are planned for Honors requirements. Based on the timing of final approval, the changes may take effect for students who enter UConn in Fall 2018 or later. Please check back in early-2018 for more information.


As an Honors student, you are expected to participate fully in the program: academically, socially, and culturally.

Honors Awards

We want to recognize your accomplishments! There are two significant awards that may be earned through your participation and achievement in the Honors Program:

Sophomore Honors

Honors Scholar Graduation

Honors Plans of Study

The Honors Plans of Study are tools for you and your advisor to use as you plan your way through Honors. Continuation in the Honors Program requires the submission of documents by their published deadlines:

Honors Scholar Preliminary Plan of Study

Honors Scholar Final Plan of Study

Required Standards

To remain in the Honors Program from year to year, all students must maintain certain standards:

Honors credit requirements

Grade point average

Honors and Your Transcript

If you do not meet these criteria, you risk being placed on probation or dismissed from the Honors Program.

Academic Conduct

It is possible to be placed on probation or dismissed from the Honors Program if you are found responsible for violating the University of Connecticut Student Code (“Student Code”).