Minimum Honors Credit Requirement

Academics are the cornerstone of the Honors Program, and we want to ensure that students take full advantage of the enriching Honors academic opportunities. It is important for you to earn the number of Honors credits you need to take per year as you work toward Sophomore Honors,  graduation as an Honors scholar, and the Honors Academic Participation requirements.

Honors Academic Participation Requirements

You will meet the Honors Academic Participation Requirements by earning Honors credit through Honors courses, Honors course conversions, or graduate courses. To remain active in the Honors Program, Honors students must earn 6 Honors credits per academic year. Exceptions to the minimum Honors credit requirement may be granted for students who study abroad or participate in internship/co-op work for the entire academic year.

Dismissal Due to Insufficient Honors Credits

  • Each summer the Honors Program will review your record to verify that you have met the academic participation requirement by earning the appropriate number of Honors credits.
  • If you have not fulfilled the academic participation requirement, you will be sent a link to an Honors Academic Participation Dismissal Appeal form requesting documentation of your Honors academic participation.
  • Please fill out the required Honors Academic Participation Dismissal Appeal by the deadline listed on the form.
  • Students will be notified of the acceptance of their appeal in September by the end of the third week of classes.
  • If you received notification in August and do not complete this form by the end of the second week of classes, you will be dropped from the Honors Program.

Minimum Grade in an Honors Course

You must earn a minimum of B- on an Honors course, conversion, or graduate course to receive Honors credit.