Admitted First Years

If  your UConn acceptance letter also notified you of admission to the UConn Honors Program, congratulations! The admitted Honors Program first-years pages are here to provide you with information about how to find out more about UConn’s Honors Program and important next steps on your journey as you join UConn as an Honors student.


A Note About Admission to the UConn Honors Program

All University of Connecticut applicants are considered for admission to the UConn Honors Program; there is no separate Honors Program application. UConn applicants learn of their admission to UConn and the Honors Program in the same acceptance letter. If you were not admitted to the Honors Program upon entry to UConn, there are other entry points to the Honors Program. Learn more about the Honors admission process here.


Next Steps for Admitted Honors First-Years

The Admitted Honors First-Years Checklist will help you to navigate through the next steps.  Visit campus and learn about Honors Orientation sessions.  It is important for you to let us know your plans by completing the Honors First-Year Reply Form by May 1.