First-Year Honors Housing

All first-year Honors students are placed in an Honors First-Year Residential Community (Buckley/Shippee residential area at UConn Storrs or the 2nd floor of 900 Washington at UConn Stamford).

Things to Keep in Mind for First-Year Housing

  • Housing is managed by the Department of Residential Life, not the Honors Program. Pay attention to Residential Life communications, processes, and deadlines.
  • If you plan to live on campus, you must apply for housing.
  • After you apply for housing, Honors will work with Residential Life to assign you to the Honors First-Year Residential Community on your campus. You won’t need to fill out another application.
  • If you have specific concerns, requests for medical accommodations, or need to request an exemption (examples of exemptions include students that are student-athletes, commuters, or request gender-inclusive housing), please email

Roommates and First-Year Housing

You will meet many new people at college, which may include your roommate.

  • If you don’t specify a roommate (for Storrs, it must be another student in the Honors Program), Residential Life will assign you one. Be very honest on your housing questionnaire. It is used to match roommate living habits!
  • If you have an individual roommate preference, you will both need to complete a roommate request form. Residential Life will do its best to accommodate your roommate request.