Honors Advising for Faculty and Staff

Honors advisors are faculty and staff members selected by their department heads to oversee the academic development of Honors students. We know that you will enjoy working with talented, engaged Honors students!


As an Honors advisor, your responsibilities will include:

  • Removing a registration hold (when imposed) in the Student Administration System, such as “raising the registration bar” (learn more)
  • Helping advisees select courses
  • Providing major-related advice
  • Determining what students may count toward the engagement in the major field for graduation as an Honors Scholar.
  • Approving Honors plans of study (both Preliminary and Final)
  • Approving Honors Conversion requests and all other Honors forms
  • Working with advisees to identify a faculty thesis advisor
  • Reviewing and approving the Honors thesis

Honors Recruitment/Admissions: We encourage you to be on the lookout for outstanding students not yet in the Honors Program who might be interesting in applying. We also hope you will participate in events organized with Honors students, especially those intended to encourage interaction early between faculty members and  incoming first-year Honors students.

Assignment of Advisees

During the summer, Honors Program staff assign Honors advisors to incoming freshmen and newly admitted sophomores and juniors. The assignments are reflected in the Student Administration System (learn more). Honors works with individual departments to agree on appropriate protocols for assigning Honors advisors. (CLAS and Engineering make their own assignments for incoming first-year students. Nursing and Education assign advisors to newly admitted sophomores and juniors.) Contact Kate Korner in the Honors Program Office to discuss arrangements for assignment of advisees.

Please note that a student may switch advisors with the approval of the new advisor. The Honors student must also inform the Honors Program Office of the change.

Changes to Honors Advisors

Departments that change advisors are also asked to contact the Honors Program Office with the names of the outgoing and incoming advisors and the effective date(s).