Honors Advisors by School or College

Students are assigned to an Honors advisor in the major they will be completing their Honors work for University Honors Laureate or Honors Scholar designations.

Students should go to Student Admin, Academic Progress & Advising, and Advisor to view their advisors. If one of the advisors listed for your Honors major is not listed below, please let us know at honors@uconn.edu.

Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES)

All Aces Majors : Jennifer (Lech) Oliveira

College of Agriculture, Health, and Natural Resources (CAHNR)

Majors Advisors
AGNR-Department  Amy Salai (AGNR changes, not an Honors Advisor)
Agriculture & Natural Resources Sandra Bushmich
Allied Health Sciences ahshonors@uconn.edu (additional collaborator for all Allied Health Preliminary Plans of Study)
Allied Health Sciences Jessica Beaudet
Allied Health Sciences Cheryl Eckert
Allied Health Sciences Justin Nash
Allied Health Sciences Anna Ramos
Allied Health Sciences Lauren Wilson
Animal Science Mary Anne Amalaradjou
Animal Science Sarah Reed
Animal Science Steven Zinn
Applied & Resource Economics
(changing FA22)
Richard Dunn
Applied & Resource Economics
(changing FA22)
Rigoberto Lopez
Applied & Resource Economics
(changing FA22)
Farhed Shah
Applied & Resource Economics
(changing FA22)
Charles Towe
Diagnostic Genetic Science Denise Anamani
Diagnostic Genetic Science Stephen Lanno
Dietetics Valerie Duffy
Dietetics ahshonors@uconn.edu (additional collaborator for all Dietetics Preliminary Plans of Study)
Economics of Sustainable Development & Management (new FA22) TBD
Environmental & Resource Economics (New FA22) TBD
Environmental Sciences Sara Tremblay
Environmental Sciences Jason Vokoun
Environmental Studies Carol Atkinson-Palombo
Exercise Science Doug Casa
Exercise Science Craig Denegar
Exercise Science Lindsay DiStefano
Exercise Science Elaine Lee
Exercise Science Stephanie Singe
Individualized Major Ken Cormier
Landscape Architecture Jill Desimini
Medical Laboratory Sciences Bruce Blanchard
Medical Laboratory Sciences ahshonors@uconn.edu (additional collaborator for all Medical Laboratory Sciences Preliminary Plans of Study)
Natural Resources Ashley Helton
Natural Resources Beth Lawrence
Natural Resources Thomas Meyer
Natural Resources Anita Morzillo
Natural Resources Isaac (Morty) Ortega
Natural Resources Tracy Rittenhouse
Nutritional Sciences Catherine Andersen
Nutritional Sciences Chris Blesso
Nutritional Sciences Ock Chun
Nutritional Sciences Ji-Young Lee
Nutritional Sciences Yangchao Luo
Pathobiology Antonio Garmendia
Pathobiology Kirklyn Kerr
Pathobiology Dong-Hun Lee
Pathobiology Neha Mishra
Pathobiology Emily Reinhardt
Pathobiology Steven Szczepanek
Pathobiology Paulo Verardi
Sustainable Plant & Soil Systems Gerald Berkowitz

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)

Majors Honors Advisors
Africana Studies Fiona Vernal
American Sign Language Studies Linda Pelletier
American Studies Chris Vials
Anthropology Alexia Smith
Biological Sciences - All Majors Susan (Zen) Buraceski
Biological Sciences - All Majors Danyel Cuffee
Biological Sciences - All Majors Katerine Pais
Biological Sciences - All Majors Sharyn Rusch
Biological Sciences - All Majors Julian Torres
Biological Sciences Kenneth Campellone
Biological Sciences Rahul Kanadia
Biological Sciences Eric Schultz
Biological Sciences Mark Urban
Chemistry Nicholas Leadbeater
Chemistry Thomas Seery
Chinese Chunsheng Yang
Cognitive Science Letitia Naigles (on leave SP22 and FA22)
Cognitive Science William Snyder
Communication Thomas Meade
Classics & Ancient Mediteranian Studies Sara Johnson
Classics & Ancient Mediteranian Studies Jeffrey Shoulson
Classics & Ancient Mediteranian Studies Roger Travis
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Robert Bagchi
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Carlos Garcia-Robledo
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Louise Lewis
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Eric Schultz
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Christine Simon
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Mark Urban
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Yaowu Yuan
Economics Kenneth Couch
Economics Richard Langlois
Economics Olivier Morand
English Mary Burke (On leave 2022-2023)
English Erika Wiliams
English Inda Watrous (all new admits, not an Honors Advisor)
Environmental Sciences Sara Tremblay (freshmen & sophomores)
Environmental Sciences Jason Vokoun
Environmental Studies Mark Boyer
Environmental Studies Carol Atkinson-Palombo
French Roger Celestin
French Eliane Dalmolin
Geographic Information Science Amy Burnicki
Geography John-Andrew (Andy) Jolly-Ballantine
Geoscience Robert Thorson
German Friedemann Weidauer
German Sebastian Wogenstein
History Heather Parker
History Sylvia Schafer
Human Dev. & Family Studies Alaina Brenick
Human Rights Elizabeth Holzer
Individualized Major Ken Cormier
Italian Literary  and Cultural Studies Philip Balma
Journalism/Pre-Journalism Marie Shanahan
Judaic Studies Stuart Miller
Latino and Latin American Studies Anne Gebelein
Linguistics/Philosophy William Snyder
Linguistics/Philosophy Hendrikus Van Der Hulst
Linguistics/Psychology William Snyder
Marine Sciences Claudia Koerting
Maritime Studies TBD
Mathematics (All) Rachel D'Antonio (all new Honors students, applicants & changes, not an Honors Advisor)
Mathematics Matthew Badger
Mathematics Vasileios Chousionis
Mathematics Keith Conrad
Mathematics Alvaro Lozano-Robledo
Mathematics & App Math Luke Rogers
Math, App Math, Math/Stat & Math/Physics Iddo Ben-Ari
Math, App Math, Math/Stat & Math/Physics Katherine Hall
Math, App Math, Math/Stat & Math/Physics Thomas Roby
Math-Act Sci-Finance & Math/Stat Stephen Camilli
Math-Act Sci-Finance & Math/Stat Andrew Niedzielski
Math-Act Sci-Finance & Math/Stat Dan Watt
Mathematics/Physics Maria Gordinaw
Mathematics/Physics Alexander Teplyaev
Math/Physics & Appl Math David Reed Solomon
Mathematics/Statistics Elizabeth Schifano
Molecular & Cell Biology - Undergraduate Coordinator Sharyn Rusch (contact for all new Honors BIOL, MCB applicants & changes)
Molecular & Cell Biology Everyone listed on the MCB faculty page, except for Mary Bruno, Kenneth Noll, Noha Reid and Masakazu Yamamoto, may be Honors advisors.
Philosophy Lionel Shapiro
Physics/Engineering Physics Elena Dormidontova
Physics/Engineering Physics Richard Jones
Physics/Engineering Physics Peter Schweitzer
Physiology & Neurobiology - Undergraduate Coordinator Susan (Zen) Buraceski (contact for all new Honors BIOL, PNB applicants & changes)
Physiology & Neurobiology Xinnian Chen
Physiology & Neurobiology Joanne Conover
Physiology & Neurobiology Joseph Crivello
Physiology & Neurobiology Angel de Blas
Physiology & Neurobiology Jeffrey Divino
Physiology & Neurobiology Rahul Kanadia
Physiology & Neurobiology Alexander Jackson
Physiology & Neurobiology Kristen Kimball
Physiology & Neurobiology Joseph LoTurco
Physiology & Neurobiology Karen Menuz
Physiology & Neurobiology Andrew Moiseff
Physiology & Neurobiology Daniel Mulkey
Physiology & Neurobiology Akiko Nishiyama
Physiology & Neurobiology Linnaea Ostroff
Physiology & Neurobiology John Redden
Physiology & Neurobiology Daniel Schwartz
Physiology & Neurobiology Jianjun Sun
Physiology & Neurobiology Geoffrey Tanner
Physiology & Neurobiology Anastasios Tzingounis
Physiology & Neurobiology Randall Walikonis
Political Science Virginia Hettinger
Political Science Jeffrey Ladewig
Political Science Matthew Singer
Political Science Jennifer Sterling-Folker
Psychological Sciences Robert Astur
Psychological Sciences Janet Barnes-Farrell
Psychological Sciences Jeffrey Burke
Psychological Sciences Leslie Burton
Psychological Sciences Chi-Ming Chen
Psychological Sciences James Chrobak  (all new students)
Psychological Sciences Marie Coppola
Psychological Sciences Dean Cruess
Psychological Sciences Kimberly Cuevas
Psychological Sciences James Dixon
Psychological Sciences Inge-Marie Eigsti
Psychological Sciences Deborah A. Fein
Psychological Sciences Amy Gorin
Psychological Sciences Jessica Groves - Advising Coordinator
Psychological Sciences Robert Henning
Psychological Sciences Blair T. Johnson
Psychological Sciences Nicole Landi
Psychological Sciences Vicki Magley
Psychological Sciences Etan Markus
Psychological Sciences Stephanie Milan
Psychological Sciences Letitia Naigles
Psychological Sciences Crystal Park
Psychological Sciences Felicia Pratto
Psychological Sciences Nairan Ramirez-Esparza
Psychological Sciences Heather Read
Psychological Sciences John Salamone
Psychological Sciences Rhiannon L. Smith
Psychological Sciences Ian Stevenson
Psychological Sciences Harvey Swadlow
Psychological Sciences Kimberli Treadwell
Psychological Sciences Eiling Yee
Sociology Matthew Hughey (on leave)
Sociology Bradley Wright
Spanish Rosa Helena Chinchilla
Spanish Miguel Gomes
Spanish Guillermo Irizarry (all new students)
Speech, Lang. & Hearing Sciences Kathleen Cienkowski (no new advisees)
Speech, Lang. & Hearing Sciences Bernard Grela
Statistics Elizabeth Schifano
Structural Biology & Biophysics Nathan Alder
Structural Biology & Biophysics James Cole
Urban & Community Studies Mary Donegan
Urban & Community Studies Stacy Maddern
Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies TBD as of 9/7/22

School of Business (BUSN)

Majors Honors Advisors
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Alana Adams
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Jose Aponte
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Jia Cai
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Laila Chaoui
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Meradith Ganow
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Kristin Glinzak
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Brandy Nelson
1st-Year & Sophomore Business (Robert) Alex Sauer
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Hunter Tashea
Accounting Alina Lerman
Finance Liping Qiu
Health Care Management Resul Cesur
Health Care Management William Pace
Management Kyoungjo (Jo) Oh
Mgmt & Engineering for Manufacturing Jiong Tang
Management Info Systems (OPIM) Jonathan Moore
Marketing Nicholas Lurie
Real Estate/Urban Economics Jeffrey Cohen

School of Education (EDUC)

Majors Honors Advisors
Education Elizabeth Howard
Education Catherine Little
Sport Management Laura Burton

School of Engineering (ENGR)

Majors Honors Advisors
Honors advisor assignments: Jennifer Steszewski (not an Honors advisor)
Biomedical Engineering Lisa Ephraim (freshmen & sophomores)
Biomedical Engineering Patrick Kumavor
Chemical Engineering Kelly Burke
Chemical Engineering Yongku Cho
Chemical Engineering Anson Ma
Chemical Engineering Jeff McCutcheon
Chemical Engineering Jennifer Pascal (no new advisees)
Chemical Engineering Ranjan Srivastava
Civil Engineering Shinae Jang
Civil Engineering Manish Roy
Computer Engineering Ali Gokirmak
Computer Science & Engr (CS/CSE) Jinbo Bi
Computer Science & Engr (CS/CSE) Caiwen Ding
Computer Science & Engr (CS/CSE) Suining He
Computer Science & Engr (CS/CSE) Yuan Hong
Computer Science & Engr (CS/CSE) Sheida Nabavi
Computer Science & Engr (CS/CSE) Zhijie (Jerry) Shi
Computer Science & Engr (CS/CSE) Yufeng Wu
Electrical Engineering Ali Gokirmak
Engineering - Undecided Shoshana Armington
Engineering Physics (undeclared) Althea Lozefski
Engineering Physics - Electrical Faquir Jain
Engineering Physics - Materials Rainer Hebert
Engineering Physics - Mechanical Ugur Pasaogullari
Environmental Engineering Alexander Agrios - on leave 2022-23
Environmental Engineering Tim Vadas
Environmental Engineering Guiling Wang
MGMT & ENGR for Manufacturing Jiong Tang
Materials Science & Engineering Seok-Woo Lee (limited advisees)
Materials Science & Engineering Yuanyuan Zhu (main Honors advisor)
Mechanical Engineering Horea Ilies
Mechanical Engineering Jason Lee
Mechanical Engineering Julian Norato
Multidisciplinary Engineering Shoshana Armington
Robotics Engineering Ali Gokirmak

School of Fine Arts (FNAR)

Majors Honors Advisors
Acting Adrienne Macki
Art Alison Paul
Art John Richardson
Art History Robin Greeley
Design & Technical Theater Adrienne Macki
Digital Media & Design Clarissa Ceglio
Digital Media & Design Joseph (Tom) Scheinfeldt
Gen Prog in Music/Music/Pre-Teachings Music Education Eric Rice
Puppetry Bartolo Roccoberton Jr.
Theatre Studies Adrienne Macki

School of Nurisng (NURS)

Majors Honors Advisors
Nursing - Honors Coordinator Deborah Chyun - Nursing Honors Coordinator and additional collaborator for all Nursing Preliminary Plans of Study
Nursing Ivy Alexander
Nursing Valarie Artigas
Nursing Cheryl Beck
Nursing Katherine Bernier
Nursing Eileen Carter
Nursing Sharon Casavant
Nursing Michelle Cole
Nursing Eileen Condon
Nursing Christine DiLeone
Nursing Carrie Eaton
Nursing Wendy Henderson
Nursing Michelle Judge
Nursing Tiffany Kelley
Nursing Steven Kinsey
Nursing Ruth Lucas
Nursing Annette Maruca
Nursing Kelley Newlin-Lew
Nursing Barbara O'Neill
Nursing Louise Reagan
Nursing Christina Ross
Nursing Juliette Shellman
Nursing Natalie Shook
Nursing Marianne Snyder
Nursing Christine Tocchi
Nursing Tom Van Hoof
Nursing Stephen Walsh
Nursing Gee Su Yang


School of Pharmacy (PHAR)

Majors Honors Advisors
Pharmacy Studies (1st & 2nd years) Megan Delaney
Pharmacy Studies & Doctor of Pharmacy Brian Aneskievich

School of Social Work (SOCW)

Honors Advisor: Hartford Campus  Joy Learman

Regional Campuses

Avery Point

Majors Honors Advisors
Honors Coordinator Johnny Banks Jr.
American Studies Matthew McKenzie
English Pamela Bedore
History Heather Parker
Marine Sciences Claudia Koerting
Maritime Studies Mary K Bercaw Edwards
Maritime Studies Helen Rozwadowski
Psychological Sciences Jamie Kleinman


Majors Honors Advisors
Honors Coordinator Melissa Manning
Business Administration Robert Day
Business Data Analytics Robert Day
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Kayla Hogrefe
Digital Mktg & Analytics (Marketing Management as of 2020-21) Nicholas Lurie
Financial Management tbd
English Thomas Shea
History Heather Parker
Human Dev. & Family Studies Alaina Brenick
Individualized Major tbd
Psychological Sciences Kerry Marsh
Social Work Joy Learman
 Urban & Comm Studies Phil Birge-Liberman


Majors Honors Advisors
Honors Program Staff & Advisor, and ACES Honors Advisor Kaitlin Heenehan
BUSN - 1st-Years & Sophomores Alison Lerman
BUSN - 1st-Years & Sophomores Dan Levy
BUSN - 1st-Years & Sophomores Eddie Papazoni
BUSN - Seniors only Robert Day
BUSN - Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors Wynd Harris
ENGR - Computer Science Phillip Bradford
FNAR - Digital Media & Design Matthew Worwood
CLAS - Communication Thomas Meade
CLAS - Economics Vicki Knoblauch
CLAS - English Fred Roden (new admits)
CLAS - History Joel Blatt (new admits)
CLAS - History Heather Parker
CLAS - Human Dev. & Family Studies Alaina Brenick
CLAS - Political Science Beth Ginsberg
CLAS - Political Science Yonatan (Yoni) Morse
CLAS - Psychology Lori Gresham
CLAS - Sociology Ingrid Semaan
General Studies TBD


Majors Honors Advisors
Honors Coordinator Jamie Caruso
Allied Health Tamara Kaliszewski
American Studies tbd
Bus. Administration & Data Analytics Robert Day
1st-Year & Sophomore Business Nakeia Moore
English tbd
History Heather Parker
Human Dev. & Family Studies Alaina Brenick
Psychological Sciences Robert Astur
Psychological Sciences Kimberli Treadwell
Urban & Community Studies tbd

Additional Support


Majors Honors Advisor
Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) James Hill
Honors Program Staff Jennifer Lease Butts
Honors Program Staff Patricia Szarek
Honors Program Staff Jennifer Oliveira
Honors Program Staff Anne Kim
STEM Scholar Advisor Coral Fernandez-Illescas
Individualized Major Monica Van Beusekom
Pre-Health Professions Keat Sanford
Pre-Dental Advisor Tom Abbott
Pre-Law Advisor Diane Whitney