Current Honors Courses

Honors courses provide diverse forms of challenging academics at UConn.

Honors Courses for Spring 2022

Student Admin is always the most up-to-date source of information on Honors courses being offered. Use the Dynamic Class Search to find all Honors courses. (Instructions are on the course registration page.)

Students pursuing the University Honors Laureate award must complete Honors credits across three different categories (Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and STEM) and in Diversity & Multiculturalism. More information about categorizing courses.

Honors Courses Open to Honors Students and Other High Achieving Undergraduates

Honors courses are open to Honors students and may be open to students who are not currently in the Honors Program. Students currently in the UConn Honors Program have priority registration in Honors courses. Students with strong academic motivation and good cumulative GPAs (generally 3.2 or better) who are not currently in the Honors Program may ask to fill open seats in Honors courses.