Honors Peer Mentoring

Part of what makes the Honors community so strong is the commitment our students show to mentoring one another. Peer mentoring is one of the most powerful learning experiences, as it allows both the mentor and the mentored to learn and grow from working with one another. UConn Honors has a strong commitment to peer mentoring through the following opportunities:

Honors GPS: Guides for Peer Success

The Honors GPS Team collaborates with Honors staff to help students understand and complete Honors co-curricular graduation requirements. Honors GPS Team members will guide peers in planning their events, leadership, and enrichment goals.  Honors GPS Team members also provide students feedback on their progress toward graduation awards. Honors GPS responsibilities include coaching students through their leadership experiences, providing feedback on student event reflections, and facilitating workshops for Honors students to further their development.  Honors GPS Team members are also available for student consultations on a variety of matters — they are always a friendly ear or someone to talk to.

Information on how to apply to be an Honors GPS will be sent to Honors students as positions are available. If you are a current Honors student who may have questions that an Honors GPS can help with, please feel free to contact them at honorsgps@uconn.edu


Peer Allies Through Honors is a mentoring program that solicits mentees from incoming first-year students over the summer. Whether you are interested in becoming a PATH mentor or you are a prospective student seeking a mentor, check out information on PATH on our Student Organizations page.

UNIV 1784: Honors First-Year Seminar

All incoming Honors students are required to enroll in a section of UNIV 1784, the Honors first-year seminar. UNIV 1784 helps new Honors students connect with peers, facilitators, Honors faculty, and the greater UConn community while exploring a common topic. By providing a learning environment that promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and discussion, UNIV 1784 serves as an introduction both to college life and the UConn Honors holistic educational experience.

Each UNIV 1784 section is co-taught by upper-division Honors facilitators, typically sophomores. Through a two-course sequence, UNIV facilitators receive training in facilitation, peer mentoring, and student development theory in the spring semester through EGEN 3200, then have a space to critically reflect on their facilitation experience and student learning through EGEN 3092 in the fall as they act as UNIV facilitator. If you are a current UConn Honors student interested in being a UNIV 1784 facilitator, applications typically go out in the middle of the fall semester.


If you have questions about any of UConn Honors’ peer mentoring opportunities, feel free to email us.