Honors Student Organizations

There are several student organizations run by Honors students. These organizations give you opportunities to engage with other Honors students in activities of your choosing and help develop your leadership skills. The organizations provide positive influence in the Honors and broader UConn communities. Find and develop your passion in an Honors Student Group!

Honors Across State Borders (HASB)

While we are associated with the Honors Program, our organization includes ALL students interested in learning more about social justice issues and lending a helping hand. HASB is student-run organization that is committed to community service around the United States. We offer an alternative spring break trip, a fall day of service, as well as several other events/discussions on prevalent social issues in America. Upon your acceptance, you will be assigned to a team and will begin to learn about the issues facing the in-need areas we will be travelling to during the year. On top of everything you will learn and be exposed to, you can expect to have a lot of fun! We have had phenomenal trips in the past which included making 55 new friends, camp fires, and of course the classic HASB riddles.

Email: uchasb@gmail.com
Website: http://uconnhasb.com/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UConnHASB
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uconnhasb

Advisors: Christie Soltys (christie.soltys@uconn.edu)

Honors Council (HC)

The UConn Honors Council (HC) is a leadership community for Honors students within the university. We seek to provide greater opportunities including academic achievement, community outreach, increased cultural awareness, and research opportunities in a welcoming atmosphere. HC is a venue through which Honors students can speak and be heard by the Honors administration and the community as a whole.

Honors Council Committees: Academic Committee, Fundraising Committee, Social Committee, Community Service Committee, Newsletter Committee, Public Relations Committee, and Environmental Committee

Email: uconnhc@gmail.com
Website: http://www.hc.uconn.edu/
Every Wednesday, 7 p.m., in Laurel Hall 201

Advisor: Kristen Glines (kristen.glines@uconn.edu)

Honors in Business Association (HiBA)

Honors in Business Association (HiBA) is an Honors organization open to all students who have an interest in business. HiBA is formed jointly between the School of Business and the Honors Program, building upon the pillars of academics, research, leadership, professionalism, engagement and community. Members of HiBA, who represent every school and college at UConn, participate in various social and pre-professional events as it relates to being a business student in the Honors Program. HiBA has sponsored site visits to Boston and New York City; executives from top companies; etiquette dinners; and alumni panels among many other events.

Since HiBA’s founding, the organization has been host to some of UConn’s top students in business and has attracted top companies such as Google. If you have an interest in any aspect of business, HiBA is the organization for you! Feel free to reach out an executive board member at uconnhiba@gmail.com with any questions.

Email: uconnhiba@gmail.com
Website: https://uconntact.uconn.edu/organization/hiba

Business School Advisor: Travis Grosser (travis.grosser@business.uconn.edu)
Primary Advisor: Danielle Chaloux (danielle.chaloux@uconn.edu)

Co-Advisor: Kristen Glines (kristen.glines@uconn.edu)

Honors Initiative for Prospective Students (HIPS)

HIPS (Honors Initiative for Prospective Students) is a volunteer-run organization that works to recruit prospective Honors students. By hosting Meet and Greet and Open House events, the organization serves to promote the Honors Program and inform current high school students and their families about the diverse opportunities the program offers. Volunteers have the opportunity to work alongside Honors Faculty and Staff in planning and organizing events that positively influence the development and shaping of the next generations of Honors Students.

The Honors Program developed the HIPS to assist with recruitment of prospective Honors students. It sponsors:

  • Meet & Greets (admitted high school seniors have a chance to meet Honors staff, students, and faculty)
  • Personalized Day Visits (prospective students can experience life in Honors first-hand; offered in spring)

 Current students

  • Be a volunteer (host a high school visitor for the day or attend a Meet & Greet event)
  • Be a coordinator (play an integral leadership role in the organization’s development and recruitment activities; coordinator applications are available in the fall)

Email: uconnhips@gmail.com
Website: http://honors.uconn.edu/hips/

Advisor: Kristen Glines (kristen.glines@uconn.edu)

Honors in STEM

Honors in STEM is a brand new community that unites students passionate about the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) disciplines. We accomplish this through academic, professional development, outreach, mentoring, and support of specific populations within the STEM community. Our goal is to foster three fundamental concepts of STEM: innovation, collaboration, and achievement.

Some of the benefits to becoming an Honors in STEM member are:

  • A wealth of knowledge about STEM related opportunities on campus.
  • Insights into how to gain research opportunities on and off campus.
  • Exposure to many new and intriguing STEM innovations and careers from experienced guest lecturers in the fields.
  • Participation in captivating STEM related outings such as a trip to the Boston Science Conference.
  • Collaboration with fellow undergraduate students wishing to further their interests in STEM related discussions and projects.
  • Involvement in community outreach activities and events with a STEM influence.
  • Ability to take part in fun and engaging social events and activities to promote interlacing of the STEM community on campus.

Email: honorsinstem@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Honors-in-STEM-888458774568407/

Advisor: Kaitlin Heenehan (Kaitlin.heenehan@uconn.edu)

Humanities and Arts Collective

The Humanities and Arts Collective is a forum dedicated to connecting, engaging, and inspiring students majoring in or interested in the social sciences, humanities, and fine arts in the UConn Honors Program through dialogue, networking, and community engagement.

We plan unique guest speakers, special events, and other various programming to promote open dialogue and continued learning focused on the fine arts, social sciences, and humanities. Our aim is to connect students through their interests in these subject areas while supporting their desire to learn.

Sarah Velcofsky (sarah.velcofsky@uconn.edu)

Meetings: Every Thursday (5:15-6:15 p.m., Buckley Classroom)

Advisor: Christie Soltys (christie.soltys@uconn.edu)

Leadership in Action (LIA)

Leadership in Action (LIA), formerly known as Global Leadership Commission (GLC), was founded in 2004. This student run organization seeks to foster a sense of leadership in the Honors community by developing student leadership workshops, bringing distinguished leaders to campus, and by organizing community service projects. LIA gives students an avenue through which they can develop their own ideas and turn these ideas into programs and events. LIA works closely with the Honors Office to better serve the needs of Honors students in the community.

Past LIA events include: the Honors Involvement Fair, The True Colors Workshop, Mentorship by Major, Community Service Events with the Chrysalis Center in Hartford, as well as lectures from guest speakers such as Anne Diamond, CEO of the UConn Health Center, Dr. Craig O’Connor and Heather Nelson of the New York Medical Examiner’s Office, and Dr. Marlene Schwartz of the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity.

LIA is an organization that encourages the cultivation of new ideas and events so that members can grow as student leaders. There are always new projects to become involved in and LIA would love to have you as part of our group. For more information email: uconnlia@gmail.com.

LIA Committees:

Global Leaders

Student Leadership Development

Community Service Leadership

Primary Advisor: Danielle Chaloux (danielle.chaloux@uconn.com)

Co-Advisor: Christie Soltys (christie.soltys@uconn.edu)

Honors for Diversity (H4D)

H4D is a student run organization that seeks to embrace students that are underrepresented within the Honors community. We aim to foster growth by celebrating and accepting cultural differences among all students. We accomplish this by hosting events and discussions in a welcoming and respectful atmosphere. H4D is a venue in which minority Honors students can voice their opinions and seek changes in order to benefit the Honors community as a whole.

Email: uconnmhc@gmail.com 
Advisor: Christie Soltys (christie.soltys@uconn.edu)

Peer Allies Through Honors (PATH)

PATH is a mentoring group for Honors students that develops mentorship on an individual level by pairing new incoming students with upperclass Honors students. PATH encourages developing the mentorship connection both on an individual level, coordinated by mentor and mentee, and on a group level, enabled by larger events. PATH Coordinators put on a number of events throughout the fall semester for mentors and mentees to enjoy. PATH also encourages mentors to attend other UConn events with their mentees.

The goals of PATH are to:

  • Help students connect to an upperclass student in their major
  • Develop leadership skills in mentors and mentees
  • Encourage communication between all members of PATH through interactive activities
  • Help students transition to UConn and the Honors Program

Newly admitted students

  • Being a PATH mentee is one of the best ways to get the inside scoop on being successful in Honors.
  • Submit an application during the summer before your first year to be matched with a student mentor.
  • There are a limited number of mentors, so don’t wait to apply!
  • The Form will be available after orientation in early July

Current students (mentors)

  • Be a guide, be a friend, and advance your leadership skills in the process!
  • PATH will accept new mentor applications in the spring semester
  • Find the form

Current students (leadership)

  • Help lead and grow this important program.
  • Applications for new coordinators are accepted in the fall semester
  • .

Watch our video and find out more today! 

Email: path@uconn.edu

Advisor: Kristen Glines (kristen.glines@uconn.edu)