Why UConn?

We know you want to provide the best opportunities for your student but we also know that college is a major investment. Private institutions are often attractive to high-achieving students and proud parents. However, they may not be the best option for your family, especially if your student plans to attend graduate or professional school after receiving an undergraduate degree.

What makes UConn’s Honors Program special is its ability to provide an outstanding opportunity for students to pursue a liberal arts education as part of a supportive Honors community, within the context of a major public research university. The size and diversity of the wider institution creates rich possibilities for  UConn Honors students in research, specialized studies, leadership, and co-curricular engagement that students at many small colleges can only dream about. In fact, UConn is ranked the top public university in New England and among the top 20 public universities nationally.

Why Honors?

From the first day on campus, your Honors student will be have support for the academic, social, and cultural needs of a young scholar. Each student is assigned a departmental Honors advisor who will help define your student’s most appropriate academic path.

Honors students enjoy small Honors classes as well as opportunities to make larger lecture courses smaller through Honors discussion sections or conversions. An Honors thesis/project is also a mandatory part of the undergraduate experience, where each student will produce an original piece of scholarship under the close supervision of a faculty supervisor.

UConn Honors supports not only students’ academic development but also their development as people and as citizens. Through our Honors Living and Learning Communities, the Honors Program makes adapting to a large university more manageable. All first-year Honors students live in one residential facility where they quickly become part of a lively community. They are encouraged to explore interests, attend Honors events, make friends, organize study groups, and generally have fun.

Honors housing, a (non-guaranteed) option for all four years at UConn, sets the stage for strong friendships and vibrant conversations while being integrated into the larger campus. Honors students also benefit from special programs tailored just for them (such as those considering certain professional programs or global study), and from programs open to all UConn undergraduates (such as research, national scholarships, and individualized majors).

The UConn Honors Program is a place where scholars are nurtured and leaders are made as they prepare for the challenges beyond the classroom.

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