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What’s Going On at UConn Honors?

Want to know what’s happening at UConn Honors? Please check out Updates in Honors or the Events Calendar.

To find Honors Events on the Events Calendar that count towards the University Honors Laureate (UHL) designation described in the section below:

  • Click on the word “show” next to “Tags”
  • Click on “Honors Event”

Honors Event Engagement for Honors Awards

The University Honors Laureate (students admitted fall 2018 or after) designation has an Honors Events requirement.  UConn Honors believes that education can happen both inside and outside the bounds of the formal classroom. The Honors Buckley Office coordinates several co-curricular events throughout the year, but we also co-sponsor or approve Honors events put on by a variety of campus partners.

UConn Honors has identified five categories of events that we hope make a strong contribution toward our students’ holistic education:

  • Career, Professional, & Personal Development: This category of events will help UConn Honors students to care for themselves as they strive to meet their immediate and future goals while staying whole, healthy, and intellectually engaged.
  • Honors Community Development: Events from this category are meant to foster a sense of community, identity, and engagement with UConn Honors for the mutual benefit of all involved.
  • Academic & Interdisciplinary Engagement: These events support a student’s curricular endeavors by promoting intensive engagement out of the formal classroom with relevant learning; special attention is given to asking students to select events that align with a discipline apart from their primary academic home.
  • Multiculturalism & Global Citizenship: Events in this category help UConn Honors students develop the skills – and desire – to engage stakeholders across borders, social identities, and cultural contexts. Recognition of common human dignity while celebrating the diversity of the human experience is a hallmark of an empathetic, contextually-attuned citizen-scholar.
  • Social Change, Service, & Sustainability: Events in this category encourage Honors students to consider how they might leverage their talents, drive, and time to help improve communities beyond their personal sphere of influence.

Want to Submit an Honors Event Journal Reflection?

Students admitted to UConn Honors fall 2018 or later who are pursuing the University Honors Laureate are expected to attend ten approved Honors events over the course of their undergraduate career, with at least one event from each of the above categories. They will prepare event reflections and submit them through HuskyCT.

Want Your Event to Be an Honors Event?

With at least two weeks’ notice, we’re happy to advertise an event that fulfills at least one of the above categories to our students and guide them through a reflection process that deepens their learning.  Submit your proposal for an Honors Event here.