Overview of UConn Honors for Faculty

Now over 50 years old, the UConn Honors Program helps prepare students to be leaders in their fields and in their communities. This overview provides some context that might inform your Honors teaching.

Honors Students

UConn Honors enrolls approximately 10% of UConn undergraduates. Students may be invited to join when they are accepted to UConn, and they may also apply as rising sophomores, rising juniors, or incoming transfer students. Admission is based on a holistic review of academic performance and extracurricular activities and leadership.

While they all share histories of academic success and bright futures, Honors students differ from each other in every other way. They may be found in all schools or colleges, in every major, and at every UConn campus. Most are from New England, but others are from across the country or around the world.

When you teach an Honors class, expect engaged, talented students, but leave most of your other expectations behind!

The Honors Curriculum

Beginning with the Fall 2018 entering class, Honors students pursue two graduation awards.

Honors Scholar in the Major represents depth in the student’s major field of study, culminating in an Honors thesis. The 15 Honors credits required for this award are usually taken during the latter part of a student’s degree.

If your course is at the 2000 level or higher and primarily attracts students in the major (or related majors), then students will probably be applying your course to their Honors Scholar in the Major requirements.

Students who graduate with the Honors Scholar in the Major award may also earn University Honors Laureate. This award signifies greater breadth both inside and outside of the classroom. Many Honors students pursue the distribution requirements of this award during the first part of their degree programs.

If you are teaching a 1000 level course, a general education course, an Honors Core course, or other course that attracts students from a variety of majors, then students will probably be applying your course to their University Honors Laureate requirements.