Honors Core

The Honors Core is a set of courses designed for first- and second-year Honors students as an introduction to a community of scholars. These classes:

  • Interdisciplinary in nature
  • Combine different perspectives and diverse problem-solving expertise to study important and challenging themes and issues
  • Cover the range of general education (humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences, and diversity and international studies)
  • One is required to apply for the Sophomore Honors award

Learn more: The Core, Creating a Community of Scholars (PDF)

Taking a Core Course

Honors Core courses epitomize Honors education. They are taught in small groups and are designed to push you to question your assumptions about knowledge and the world around you – past, present, and future.

  • Come prepared to think critically (Core courses do not wait for assumptions)
  • Be ready to learn (because you will)
  • Do not be afraid of challenging your classmates (and of being challenged by them)
  • Enjoy being treated as an adult (because you are one)
  • Expect a high level of interaction (respectful debate is important)
  • Relax and be flexible (it might become your favorite class at UConn or lead to a new major)

What Students Think About Honors Core

Anthropology Through Film
“I sincerely enjoyed and fully appreciated the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most interesting and successful people I have ever worked with; the faculty and others who participated in the teaching of this course were exceptional and extraordinary people. This was my favorite class at UConn by far to date.”
– Kayleigh Kangas, ’13
Computational Molecular Biology
“This course expanded my mind in that it taught me to bring together two disciplines and use each to make the other more meaningful. Biology can’t be done without computers, but computers are useless without biology. It gave me an understanding of computer programming, which has been very beneficial.”
– Ethan Talbot, ’12
Economics, Nature, and the Environment
“The course linked topics such as economics and the environment, which I never considered together, and pushed me towards understanding how nature works—not only in terms of evolution and ecology, but also through economics and other fields.”
– Bijal Patel, ’11
Game Theory with Applications to the Natural and Social Sciences
“As a Humanities major, I was nervous about what to expect from a Game Theory course. Professor Knoblauch made the material fun and interesting, and I’m glad I was able to be involved in such an unusual course. It was definitely a great experience.”
– Claire Thomas ’12
The Genetics Revolution in Contemporary Culture
“My Honors Core course is the reason I changed my major [from political science] to [molecular & cell biology]. The class exposed me to a whole new type of hybrid science that I truly love… .”
– Matt Magda, ’13
Global Environmental Politics
“[The best thing about the course was] the forum structure of the class that allowed interested students to tackle the issues in a hands-on manner, while polishing our argument and refining our views. Advice to future students: Be prepared to talk and truly stimulate ideas. This class … makes you think on a different level because it isn’t regurgitation of facts. It is the creation of independent thought.”
– S’ha Siddiqi, ’14