Honors Core

The Honors Core is a select set of courses designed to engage you in interdisciplinary scholarship connected to real-world problems.

Earning Honors credit in an Honors Core course is a requirement for the University Honors Laureate award.

The Core Course Experience

Honors Core courses epitomize Honors education. They are taught in small groups and are designed to push you to question your assumptions about knowledge and the world around you.

  • Expect a high level of interaction and active learning
  • Do not be afraid to challenge your classmates, and to be challenged in return
  • Learn about the content of the course and how it applies beyond UConn
  • Be surprised by knowledge, methods, and problems that you have never encountered before

Why Honors Core?

Honors Core courses accomplish several goals related to the Honors theoretical framework and helping you explore, create, and lead.


  • Interdisciplinary approaches to scholarship, rather than individual disciplines in isolation
  • A greater number of disciplines than possible through discrete courses
  • Exciting academics to ignite your curiosity, passion, and creativity


  • Advance your skills in critical and creative thinking, communication, and problem solving


  • Discover real-world problems that you might help solve


You can always find upcoming, current, and past Honors Core courses on the Current Honors Courses page.

Your Honors Core course may help you meet other requirements:

  • All will fulfill one category for the University Honors Laureate distribution requirement
  • Many will fulfill general education requirements
  • Some will fulfill the diversity & multiculturalism distribution requirement for University Honors Laureate