Distribution Requirements: Course Categories

To graduate with the University Honors Laureate designation, you must earn 3 Honors credits in each of the following categories:

  • Arts & Humanities (A&H)
  • Social Sciences (SS)
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM)

(You must also earn 3 Honors credits designated as Diversity & Multiculturalism.)

Almost any UConn course in which you earn Honors credit may be used to fulfill one of these categories. How do you figure out a course’s category?

  1. If the class has a general education designation, that takes precedence. Note that this doesn’t work in reverse. An Honors category does not mean you can count the course toward your UConn general education requirements.
    • CA 1 = A&H
    • CA 2 = SS
    • CA 3, CA3-Lab, Q = STEM
  2. If the class does not have a general education designation, look for the default category for that subject code.
  3. Once you find the default category, check the other two tabs to make sure that the specific course is not an exception to the default.

For example: ECON 2301 carries no general education designations. If you look on the Social Sciences tab, you see that undergraduate ECON courses are placed in SS by default. However, ECON 2301 is listed as an exception on the STEM tab. ECON 2301 would be categorized as STEM, not SS.

You can also view category distribution by subject code.

A course being listed in a given category does not guarantee that an Honors section will be offered, nor that an Honors conversion will be approved.

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