Honors Housing


Honors Residential Living Communities are a cornerstone of the Honors experience. We feel it is a vital part of your academic success, personal development, and successful transition to college. That is why we require all first-year Honors students living on campus to be in the First-Year Honors Residential Community (BuckleyShippee Complex). Here, you will live, study, grow, and learn with your Honors peers.

Things to Keep in Mind for First-Year Housing

  • Housing is managed by the Department of Residential Life.
  • If you plan to live on campus, you MUST apply for housing.
  • You will be automatically assigned to the Honors First Year Residential Community in the Buckley-Shippee Complex.
  • Residential Life will send you various communications during this process. Be sure you read them and respond accordingly.
  • Submit all of your paperwork on time.
  • If you have specific concerns or requests for accommodations, please email honorsevents@uconn.edu

Roommates and First-Year Housing

  • You will meet many new people at college, which may include your roommate.
  • If you don’t have a roommate in mind, Residential Life will assign you one.
  • Be very honest on your housing questionnaire. It is used to match roommate living habits.
  • If you have an individual roommate preference, you will both need to complete a roommate request form.
  • Residential Life will do its best to accommodate your roommate request.
  • It may be possible to room with a student not in the Honors Program in the First Year Honors Residential Community.

Upper-Division Honors Housing

The process of assigning Honors housing for sophomores, juniors, and seniors is handled by the Department of Residential Life through its online housing sign-up process. Because space is limited, housing in an upper-division community is not guaranteed. You must be approved for on-campus housing before being considered for Honors housing.

Due to space constraints, upper-division Honors Housing does not permit students who are not enrolled in the Honors Program to live in Honors living communities.  This means that Honors students may not select students not in the Honors Program as roommates for upper-division Honors housing spaces.

Please make sure you pay attention to ALL communications from Residential Life in order to reserve your room.

Upper-division Honors students are not required to live in an Honors space, although the Honors Program hopes you will!  Also, if you choose to live in general housing one year, you may still use your Honors pick time to select an Honors learning community spot in subsequent years.  We’re always happy to welcome Honors students who wish to rejoin our residential learning communities!

Honors Learning Communities

The Buckley Hall and Shippee Hall complex is entirely devoted to a First Year Honors Learning Community.

Honors Learning Communities for Upper-Division Honors Students

Snow Hall located on the South Campus offers suite-style, air-conditioned living options.

McMahon Hall offers traditional double rooms.

Werth Tower reserves one floor for an Interdisciplinary Honors Learning Community (rooms available by application). Called Honors to Opportunities House (H2O House), the floor is a collaborative community that provides opportunities for sophomore students to integrate classroom learning, engage with faculty and other campus resources, and develop cross-disciplinary skills, including interdisciplinary collaboration and problem solving in a supportive environment. The building will feature traditional air-conditioned rooms (doubles) plus amenities such as study space, classroom spaces, and community space including a “maker space” room.

No matter where you live  you will be surrounded by a community of Honors students that support each other academically and socially. Together with the Residential Life Staff, the Honors Program strives to create a diverse, supportive, and welcoming environment making UConn your home away from home.