Upper-Division Honors Housing

There are opportunities for some students to continue living with Honors peers beyond the first year, both at UConn Stamford and UConn Storrs. All of these communities support students both academically and socially.

UConn Stamford

Space in the Honors community on the 2nd floor of 900 Washington may be available for upper-division Honors students as well.

UConn Storrs

There are three upper-division Honors communities on the Storrs campus:

McMahon Hall

McMahon Hall has two towers, North and South, both of which have co-ed and single sex floors. Each floor contains 22 double-occupancy rooms, shared bathrooms, and a lounge students use to study or socialize. The Honors Program occupies multiple floors in McMahon and provides its residents with ample opportunities for community building.

McMahon has its own dining hall and is conveniently located near the Student Recreation Center, Gampel Pavilion, and the UConn Bookstore. More information about room features and amenities.

Snow Hall

Snow Hall is part of South Campus, along with two other residential buildings and Rome Commons, which contains a dining hall. Students enjoy living in South Campus for the picturesque campus views, close proximity to Storrs Center, and easy access to the center of campus. South Campus residents are academically focused and mostly juniors and seniors.

A typical 4-person suite contains 2 bedrooms, a common room, and a bathroom. More information about room features and amenities.

Werth Tower

Werth Tower contains Honors to Opportunities (H2O House), an interdisciplinary Honors Living-Learning Community focused on providing a unique experience for the second-year UConn Honors student.

More information about H2O.

Upper Division Housing Policies

  • You must be approved for on-campus housing before being considered for Honors housing.
  • You must meet all Housing application deadlines.
  • Space in upper-division Honors communities is limited, so placement is not guaranteed.
  • Remaining in Honors housing after your first year is not required.
  • As long as you are in Honors and eligible for on-campus housing, you will have the option to request Honors housing. Living in a non-Honors community for a year won't change that.

For UConn Storrs only:

  • To maximize space for Honors students in these communities, non-Honors roommates are not allowed.
  • You must indicate your preference of Upper-Division Honors Housing or H2O on your Housing application.
  • Snow and McMahon Halls constitute a single "Upper-Division Honors Housing" Learning Community. Choosing this community on your Housing application commits you to selecting a room in this community as long as space is available in either hall at your selection pick time.