Fall 2022 Graduate Courses

ENGL graduate courses, Fall 2022

Graduate courses act as Honors credit, as long as you earn a grade of B- or higher. Contact each instructor directly for permission numbers.

ENGL 5650: Introduction to Digital Humanities

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Instructor: Yohei Igarashi

This discussion-based graduate seminar, open also to interested undergraduate students, explores the following topics. What does it mean to study literature and culture today, in the digital age? How can data be used to study literature and culture? How are digital technologies and computation changing how we read and write? Assignments include experiments with computational text analysis tools, shorter written assignments, a presentation, and a final project, and will be coordinated with a visiting speaker series at the UConn Humanities Institute.

Healthcare Innovation graduate courses

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Graduate courses act as Honors credit, as long as you earn a grade of B- or higher

Honors students are invited to take one or more courses in Healthcare Innovation on a space-available basis. Courses must be taken in sequence:

  • NURS 5111: Healthcare Innovation Theory and Application (Spring)
  • NURS 5112: Healthcare Opportunities for System Level Solutions (Fall)
  • NURS 5113: Developing & Leading a Sustainable Culture of Healthcare Innovation (Spring)
  • NURS 5114: Healthcare Innovation Development (Fall)

Contact Dr. Tiffany Kelley to discuss your interest in and fitness for these courses. The sequence is not recommended for first-year students.