Honors Advising: Engagement in the Major Field

One of the responsibilities of an Honors advisor is to determine how students may fulfill the engagement in the major field requirement of the Honors Scholar in the Major award (for students who entered UConn in Fall 2018 or later), which in turn is a requirement of the University Honors Laureate award. This requirement is intentionally left broad so that individual departments may determine what constitutes an appropriate type and level of co-curricular engagement for their Honors students’ professional development.

You and your advisees will agree on how they will meet the engagement in the major field requirement as part of their Honors Preliminary Plan of Study, and you will approve completion prior to graduation. The preliminary plan of study will provide a space for students and advisors to list a description, rationale, criteria, timeline, and communication plan for the expected engagement in the major field activity. Engagement in the major field may be connected to the Honors thesis/project or a course, but the activity must go beyond what would have been required regardless.

Honors advisors and departments should consider how students will fulfill this requirement. Ideas for engagement include, but are by no means limited to, participation in a conference, an on-campus event at which students may present their work, a professional organization, or a student organization. Consider the following questions to help you plan:

  • What do you routinely tell your students they should do?
  • What do you want your Honors students to learn through engagement in their major field?
  • What resources for engagement in your field exist on campus?