Honors Advisor Toolbox

Welcome to new and veteran Honors advisors. Thank you for your involvement in mentoring and advising Honors students. This “toolbox” is intended to be a spot from which you can quickly access any information you might need about the Honors Program during the course of an advising session. If at any time you have questions to which you can’t find the answer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an Honors staff member.

Honors Academics

Honors Admissions

Honors Requirements (i.e., minimum GPA, minimum Honors credits)

Sophomore Honors

Honors Course Lists

Honors Conversions

Honors Forms

Honors Scholar Preliminary Plan of Study

Honors Scholar Graduation

Graduation Timeline

Thesis Examples

Academic Self-Assessment

Current Honors Advisor List

Spring 2018 – New Requirements Power Point Slides with Voice Over

Part 1. Introduction & Framework

Part 2. Honors in the Major

Part 3. University Honors Laureate

Part 4. Continuation in Program, Roles & Questions

 New Curriculum and Awards PowerPoint

Enrichment Programs

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