Regional Campus Students

As an undergraduate at any UConn campus, you may benefit from joining the Honors Program. Beyond the Storrs campus, the four regional campus around the state provide unique opportunities. If you are a student at the Avery Point, Hartford, Stamford, or Waterbury campus, who is seeking an enriched undergraduate experience through specialized academics, you should consider applying to the Honors Program.

How to Join

UConn Stamford: First-year students are considered for admission to the Honors Program through the Honors first-year admissions process. For entry in your second or third year, you may complete and submit the Honors Program application materials by the deadline listed for your academic level.

UConn Avery Point, Hartford, and Waterbury: You may submit an Honors application for entry in your second or third year by completing the Honors Program application materials by the deadline listed for your academic level.

Your Campus

Depending on your major and the campus at which you are enrolled, you may remain at the campus for your entire college career and also fulfill the requirements for Honors graduation. Some majors may require you transition to Storrs to complete your degree.


For more information, contact the current Honors advisor listed for your campus or Patty Szarek, Associate Director for Enrollment Management.