Honors Advising

The Honors Program provides an extensive system of advising for academics, co-curriculars, and other needs.

Honors Advisor in your Major

Every Honors student is assigned an Honors academic advisor to help you understand Honors and degree requirements, enroll in courses, and plan for your future.

Honors advisors are specially trained about Honors requirements as well as general and departmental requirements. You and your academic advisor will work together during your time at UConn to plan your course of study. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to know and complete all requirements for continuing in Honors and graduation.

Finding Your Honors Advisor

You will be assigned one or more Honors advisors during the summer prior to starting at UConn. Find your advisor(s) through Student Admin.

  • If you have declared a major, you will be assigned an Honors advisor in that department.
  • If you are in the Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES), including one of the pre-professional majors in ACES, you will be assigned to the Honors ACES advisor.
  • Some schools or majors, such as School of Business and biology, assign professional (non-faculty) Honors advisors for the first year or two. When you are farther along in your program, you will automatically be switched to a faculty Honors advisor.
  • If you are enrolled in the Neag School of Education or the School of Nursing, your Honors advisor is not the same as your advisor in Student Admin. See the list of current Honors advisors to determine whom you should work with for Honors-related requirements.

If you are considering changing your major, you may wish to talk with one of the Honors advisors from that new major. Refer to the current list of Honors advisors for details. If you change majors, you will need to change advisors. Contact the Honors Program when you officially change majors to ensure you get a new Honors advisor assigned.

Check your advisor(s) in Student Admin periodically, especially at the beginning of each semester and after you change or add majors. Departments may change your advisor if, for example, your faculty advisor is away for a semester.

The Role of an Advisor

  • Helps you select courses, and raises your Student Admin bar for registration
  • Provides major-related advice for career or graduate school plans
  • Helps in securing research and internship opportunities
  • Assists in establishing professional connections for future work or study
  • Approves your major-related Honors Scholar requirements, including your Honors thesis
  • Signs all forms (e.g. course conversions, plans of study, thesis plan)

Learn more about the advising relationship.

Meeting with your Honors Advisor

Meet with your Honors advisor early in your first semester and then prior to each registration period to plan for the upcoming semester. Honors students have earlier registration times, so plan ahead!

Your advisor(s) may have specific times to meet with students or particular ways in which they schedule appointments.

  • For faculty advisors, check your departmental website for their office hours. You can also email them to schedule an appointment.
  • Many professional advisors use Nexus to manage advising appointments. If you are unable to make an appointment through Nexus, email them to schedule a meeting.

Honors Advisors by School/College

Students are assigned to an Honors advisor in the major they will be completing their Honors work for University Honors Laureate or Honors Scholar designations. For a full list of Honors advisors, please follow this link, https://honors.uconn.edu/honors-advisors-by-school-or-college/.

Students should go to Student Admin, Academic Progress & Advising, and Advisor to view their advisors. If one of the advisors listed for your Honors major is not listed below, please let us know at honors@uconn.edu.

Honors and Enrichment Program Staff Members

No one person can help with all of your questions!

And don’t forget all the other advising resources on campus.

Honors Guides for Peer Success (Honors GPS)

The Honors Guides for Peer Success (Honors GPS) collaborate with Honors staff to help students understand and complete Honors co-curricular graduation requirements. Contact the Honors GPS team for questions related to your Honors Events, Leadership, or Academics in Action requirements for the University Honors Laureate Award.