Continuation in Honors

These requirements for remaining in the Honors Program are separate from requirements to graduate from the program, although they should help you keep on track.

Keeping up with these requirements is your responsibility, but we do try to help. Make sure you check your UConn email for important notifications from Honors and other UConn departments!

All first-year Honors students are required to enroll in the Honors First Year Seminar (UNIV 1784) during their first semester. Enrollment in UNIV 1784 will be confirmed as of the 10th day of classes in the fall semester; failure to be enrolled in UNIV 1784 is grounds for dismissal from Honors.

If you entered Honors at any time after your first semester (including as a transfer student), UNIV 1784 is not required.

  • Earn Honors CreditsYou must earn at least 6 Honors credits each academic year to meet the participation requirement.
  • Maintain the Required GPATo remain in “good standing” in Honors, you should maintain at least a 3.4 cumulative GPA, which is also the required GPA for Honors awards. The minimum GPA to avoid dismissal from Honors varies based on how many years you have left before graduation.
  • Submit an approved Honors Plan: To join or continue in the Honors Program in the junior year, you are required to submit an approved Honors Plan by November 1st (current Honors juniors) or with a junior application to Honors.
  • Follow the UConn Student CodeAcademic or other misconduct under the University of Connecticut Student Code can affect your membership in the Honors Program.