Preliminary Plan of Study: Advisor Review Instructions

Instructions for Honors Advisors

Completion of the Honors Preliminary Plan of Study will assist students and Honors academic advisors in outlining the students’ major and related Honors work, as well as identifying the required “Engagement in the Major Field”. Approval of the Honors Plan by the Honors academic advisor at the junior level signifies the support of the major department for the student to enter or remain in the Honors Program.

After consultation with their Honors advisors, students use the Honors Preliminary Plan of Study process to show how they plan to meet the requirements for the Honors Scholar designation. Those who are also working toward graduation with the University Honors Laureate (UHL) designation complete additional components of the form.


The role of the departmental Honors advisor is to review the Honors Scholar portions of the form and approve them, if appropriate. While departmental approval is not required for the University Honors Laureate award, Honors advisors are also provided with access to this portion of the form to assist them in providing guidance to students.

Quest Portal

The Honors Preliminary Plan of Study process takes place within UConn’s Quest portal. When a student submits an Honors Preliminary Plan, the form will appear within Quest in the review queue for all Honors advisors in their major. The Honors Program only requires that a Preliminary Plan be approved by one Honors Advisor for each of a student’s Honors majors. Departments may determine how approvals for their Honors majors are handled. Typically, Honors advisors will approve only those plans submitted by their specific advisees, but all Honors advisors within a department will have access to review Honors Plans for all of their Honors majors.

Automated Email Notification & Reminders
Depending on the number of students in your major, the Quest system may generate automated emails to let you let you know when any Honors students in your major have submitted an Honors Plan. The email will indicate who the student listed as their Honors advisor on the Honors Plan; departments may use this information to determine who will be responsible for approving the form. Automated reminders will be sent to all Honors advisors in the department if plans are not reviewed within 7 days.

IMPORTANT To Begin the Review Process: Log In to UConn’s Quest Portal

  • Access UConn Quest portal or (and not the main Quest page which is not specific to UConn).
  • Click on Log In in the top right corner.
  • Select UConn Single Sign-on, then log in using your NetID and password.
  • If prompted to select a role, choose “Reviewer”.
  • You will then see a list, which is grouped by students with one, two, or three Honors majors.
  • Click one of the START buttons to begin a review or CONTINUE to a record you have already started.
  • You will now see a list of review requests that you have access to.
    • To sort alphabetically, click on a column heading.
    • Click any record with a START button to begin your review.
      • Records marked with a green check have already been completed by you and can be viewed.
      • If you received an email listing a particular student to review and it is not on your list when you log in, another colleague has likely completed the review.
      • If the review has been completed by another advisor but it’s waiting for approval in another major, there will be a perfect score in the appropriate column.
      • If the plan was returned to the student for revision and then completed, there will be revision requested comments in the appropriate column.


    Advisor Access to Honors Plans as “Quest Reviewer”

    • Once you’ve clicked the START button, your screen will be split with the student’s plan on the left and your review on the right. You will need to scroll through each side of your screen.
    • Click the Application tab on the left of the split screen, to view the students’ form.
    • To begin your review, scroll down a bit on the left screen to see the student’s information and also scroll down on the right screen to view the questions that will guide you through your review.


    reviewer graphic


    Answering No and Sending the Form Back to the Student

    • Answering as “No” to any question will generate a comment box at the end of the review and the record will be sent back to the student for edits and resubmission.
    • Once a student edits and resubmits, their review will re-appear in your Review Dashboard. Please reopen this review and modify it, as needed.


    Thesis/Project Course

    • Scroll down on the Application Tab (on left side) to the Thesis/Project Course section
    • Determine if the course the listed will satisfy their thesis requirement.
      • If so, mark yes on “your review” form (on right side).
      • If not, mark no on “your review” form and you will be asked to provide details about your answer at the end of the form.


    Honors Credits at 2000-Level or Above in Your Major and Honors Credits at Any Level

    • Scroll down on the Application Tab to the Honors Credits at 2000-Level or Above section to determine if these courses:
      • are in the students major or related;
      • are at the 2000-level or above; and
      • total at least 12 Honors credits (including the Honors thesis course)
    • Next, scroll down on the Application Tab to the Honors Credits at Any Level section to determine if these courses:
      • are in the students major or related;
    • Determine if there are a total at least 15 Honors credits listed when counting all Honors credits in both sections (1000- & 2000-level).
    • If all of the above are true, mark yes on “your review” form.
    • If not, mark no on “your review” form and you will be asked to provide detail about your answer at the end of the form.

    Next, complete course availability and departmental requirements questions the review form on the right.


    Honors Engagement

    Scroll down within the Application tab to the Honors Engagement section to review the following sections and answer the questions on “your review” form.

    • Description
    • Rationale
    • Criteria
    • Timeline
    • Communication Plan


    Final Steps

    To finalize your review, click on Mark as Complete at the bottom of your form.  You may then use the arrows at the top right <> to navigate to other records or click on your name and then log out.


    UNIVERSITY HONORS LAUREATE – Additional Award (Students must complete Honors Scholar requirements)

    Some students will be completing the requirements for Honors Scholar award and others will be completing the additional requirements to also earn the University Honors Laureate Award (UHL).  There are no extra review questions for Honors advisors for the UHL award; the Honors Program office will complete this review for compliance with UHL requirements.


    Communication Plan

    Reminders will automatically be sent to all Honors advisors in the department after a student’s record has been in the system for 7 days.


    Honors Advisor Session Recording – Overview of the Online Preliminary Plan