Honors Program Deadlines

For Prospective/High School Students

For Newly Admitted Honors Freshmen

For Current UConn Students or Transfer Students Applying to Honors

For Current Honors Students

Approved Honors Conversion Requests

    • Fall semester – Friday of the third week of classes
    • Winter/summer – end of first week of classes
    • Spring semester – Friday of the third week of classes

Event Journal – no later than two weeks after an event

UHL Leadership Experience – Leadership Action Plan no later than the end Week 8 of a student’s next-to-last semester (for example, fall semester for spring/summer graduates).

Event Request Form – at least two weeks before event

Honors Funding Opportunities

Honors Preliminary Plan Form

    • Due Nov 1st of junior year from current junior
    • For junior applicants, must be completed and approved as part of required application materials

Graduation Forms and Timeline