Honors Conversions

There are cases in which you may earn Honors credits in a non-Honors course. To do this, you work out a plan with the instructor of the course to be converted, submit an Honors conversion request to be approved by the instructor and your Honors Advisor, and “convert” the course to Honors credit by completing agreed upon work and earning a B- or above in the course and having it approved by the instructor.  For approved conversion, the “Honors credit” notation should appear on your transcript by the beginning of the following semester.

Conversion Steps for Students, Instructors and Honors Advisors (see below)

  • Please read the Honors Conversion Policy before pursuing an Honors Conversion.
  • Search for the course in the Dynamic Class Search, Honors Classes Only, courses with available Honors sections cannot be converted.
  • Look through Examples of Conversions and Standards for an Honors Conversion.
  • Communicate with your instructor before submitting a conversion request.
  • Only submit requests for the current semester.
  • Know who your Honors advisor is before beginning a request, or you have two listed in Student Admin, choose the one of your Honors major.  If Honors advisor is not in drop down,  please contact honors@uconn.edu.
  • IMPORTANT: The system will not allow changes for selecting the wrong instructor or wrong Honors advisor.  If this happens, the original request will be denied and a new request will need to be submitted.
  • IMPORTANT: Students need to receive approval email for their conversion request prior to beginning conversion work.
Launch a New Conversion Request

Approved requests to convert courses for Spring 2017 are due by February 3, 2017

Conversion Dashboard – check the status of your conversion

  • In Responses view click on Customize and a View Properties box will pop up
  • Scroll down to the Application viewing options, check off  View form in new dialogue box (a one time settings change) and click OK.

Your conversion will be at one of the following stages:

Instructor Agreement (awaiting review and approval)
Instructor Return (needs student action and re-submit)
Honors Advisor Agreement (awaiting review and approval)
Advisor Return (needs student action and re-submit)- Instructor
Final Approval (after work is completed and B- or above in course has been verified. May also be at this stage if it has been marked incomplete and you have been given more time.)
Honors Final Review
End (denied or withdrawn conversions and/or conversions that have been approved for Honors credit)

Please report any issues with the system to honors@uconn.edu or call 860-486-4223.

For Instructors and Honors Advisors

Click direct link in email, or email honors@uconn.edu to be re-sent a link or log in to Conversion Dashboard to review and approve conversion request.
To log in to the Conversion Dashboard use your NetID and password.
If this is the first time logging in and you see graphs, click on Responses Tab (top left)
While in Responses view click on Customize and a View Properties box will pop up.
Scroll down to the Application viewing options, check off  View form in new dialogue box (a one time settings change) and click OK.
Click on student’s record ID to review request and submit your approval.
Once approved, the record will disappear from view. If you ever needed a list of past conversions, contact honors@uconn.edu.

IMPORTANT For Instructors – Final approval of work at end of semester:

Please confirm completion of conversion work and that student has earned a B- or above in course before selecting Approve for Honors Credit.
Other options in Instructor Final Approval Section:
– Deny (select if a student completed some or all of the work but it was not satisfactory)
Incomplete (If you are allowing the student more time to complete, select and enter a brief comment)
– Withdrawn (If student decided not to complete the project)

Please report any issues with the system to honors@uconn.edu or call 860-486-4223

Standards for an Honors conversion

  • Go more deeply into method or theory
  • Address more sophisticated questions and/or include more advanced or demanding readings or problems
  • Satisfy more rigorous standards than non-Honors coursework

Examples of Honors conversion projects

  • Researching and writing an extra scholarly paper
  • Preparing and delivering a presentation of relevant material to the class
  • Attending symposia or lecture series and writing critical reviews of the ideas presented
  • Participation in additional service activities or field experience and analyzing one’s experiences
  • Completing an additional set of challenging problems or laboratory experiments
  • Participation in regular seminars that complement a class

Requirements to convert or enhance a course

  • Contact the instructor and discuss the possibility of converting it to Honors credit
  • Develop a plan with the instructor to work individually or as part of a group to advance the curriculum
  • Submit Course Conversion Agreement within the first 3 weeks of the semester
  • Successfully complete any additional assignments and earn a B- or higher in the course
  • Follow up with the instructor to be sure your work was approved

Things to keep in mind to convert a course

  • Courses with sections (or equivalent courses) already offered for Honors credit in the same semester cannot be converted, students must enroll in the Honors section or equivalent course. [Students may convert courses where Honors sections are full.]
  • Graduate courses (5000 and above in the course catalog) may count as Honors credit toward your Honors graduation requirements if approved by your Honors advisor on your Honors Final Plan of Study. You do not need to complete a conversion form. Graduate courses will not be noted as “Honors credit” on your transcript.
  • S/U courses and courses placed on P/F are not eligible for Honors credit.
  • If you wish to do Honors work while participating in an Education Abroad program, you may propose a conversion project with the on-site instructor. Education abroad conversions require approval from the Honors advisor in the department approving the course for UConn credit and the Honors advisor in the student’s major department. Alternatively, you may work under the supervision of the Honors advisor in the course department-from a distance-to complete a conversion project for a course taken while abroad.
  • Deadlines: Fall/Spring: End of third week of classes |  Inter/Sum: End of first week of class
  • At the end of the semester, instructors will be sent an email message asking them to approve Honors conversions via the on-line Honors conversion system.
  • Students may check the status of their conversions via the on-line Honors conversion system (coming soon).
  • Instructors and Honors advisors may view the status of the Honors conversions for their students via the on-line conversion system (coming soon).
  • Completed conversions will take 2 to 4 weeks to process after grades are posted and then the “Honors Credit” notation will appear on students’ transcripts
  • Make sure to consult the regulations included on the Honors Conversion Policy.