Conversion Status

If you (student) have submitted a conversion request and have not received a confirmation email, please log in to the Conversion Dashboard below and check the status.  If the request is at the Instructor Agreement stage – please email the instructor and let them know it needs their approval. If the request is at the Honors Advisor Agreement stage – please email your Honors advisor and let them know it needs their approval.  

Conversion Dashboard – Using this link, students can check the status of conversion requests and instructors and advisors can access records to be reviewed for approval. Once a request is approved, the record will not appear in the advisor view.  Records will remain at the Instructor Final Approval stage until the end of the semester when completion of the work can be verified.

  • IMPORTANT: If this is the first time you log in to your dashboard, click on Customize and a View Properties box will pop up where you can uncheck any fields you do not wish to see on your screen. Click on the student’s name to see the full record.
  • Students can view their conversions at active stages until they are archived.
  • Important Instructors and or Honors Advisors can only see conversion requests that require their approval, all other records are intentionally hidden from view.  To request a full list of current or past conversion records or please email
  • Once a conversion record receives final instructor approval/denial/withdrawal, it will disappear from the instructor’s view.

Conversions will be at one of the following stages:

  • Instructor Agreement – the record is currently waiting for instructor approval (initial stage)
  • Instructor Return – the record needs student action and then re-submission
  • Honors Advisor Agreement – the record is currently waiting for Honors advisor approval
  • Advisor Return – the record needs student action and re-submission and it will then need instructor re-approval before it will go to the Honors advisor
  • Instructor Final Approval  during finals week, instructors will be sent requests to approve conversion work. The record may also be at this stage if it has been marked incomplete and given more time.
  • Honors Final Review – final review is required the by Honors office before transcript posting
  • Archive
    • If the instructor has approved the conversion work, by the grade posting deadline, a request will been sent for transcript updating and typically processed within 4 weeks. Later conversions approvals will result in later posting deadlines.

Please report any issues with the system to

Timing of Honors Credit Posting on Transcripts

After finals, you may check the conversion dashboard to confirm you record(s) have been approved. For spring  Honors conversion records approved by the University grade posting deadline, you should see the “Honors credit” notation posted to your transcript by middle of June. For fall conversions, students should see “Honors credit” by the beginning of the spring semester. Conversions approved late will result in later processing  time.  If Honors credit has not been posted by the beginning of the next semester or you have questions or concerns, please email