New Student Orientation

Orientation begins in May (Hartford), in May (Storrs) and June (Stamford). Watch your email for information on how to register and receive more information.

As a first-time degree-seeking student at UConn, you will attend a new student orientation to assist in your transition to UConn. During this program, you will learn the ins and outs of UConn’s academic programs, student community, and on-campus services. We look forward to meeting you as you begin your new journey!

Signing Up for Orientation

At Orientation you will meet other Honors first-years and learn more about UConn and the Honors Program!

Sign up for Orientation after you have paid your enrollment fee.
UConn Storrs: Select one of the first twelve sessions (Honors sessions) when your school or college is listed.

Preparing for Orientation

Prior to attending Orientation, be sure to complete the items on the Admitted Student checklist in the time frame indicated. Once you register for Orientation, you can learn more about Honors Orientation and how to prepare.

Course Registration

One of the main things you will accomplish at Orientation is preparing for your first semester’s course registration. We understand this is all new; we will provide lots of help. Prior to your actual registration, you will be given instructions to learn more about your school or college and familiarize you with degree requirements. We will provide you with information about Honors requirements and courses offered in the upcoming fall semester. You will work with an Honors Orientation advisor to finalize your fall schedule.

Academic Interests and Previous College Credits

You will discuss your schedule with an advisor. This will be the time to let your advisor know about your academic interests and if you have an intended major(s) and/or minor(s). Make sure that you mention any possible credits you will have earned by the time you matriculate. These may include AP, ECE, IB, or transfer credits from other institutions. Sharing the results of any placement surveys will also help your advisor make recommendations for your course selection.

Changes to Your Course Schedule

You will have the opportunity to make adjustments to your course schedule through the online system if needed. 

Join the Community

Orientation provides an opportunity to be introduced to the UConn and Honors communities, take care of important matters such as registration, and meet other students with whom you will share this new adventure.