Honors Scholar Graduation Forms

As you work toward graduating with an Honors designation, there are steps you will need to complete along the way. These steps help both you and your Honors advisor(s) ensure you complete all Honors requirements by the deadline. (Learn more about the timeline for graduation.)

The three mandatory forms are the Honors Final Plan of Study, the Thesis Plan, and the Thesis Approval form and all are required to document your progress to prevent surprises at the end of your degree. Also be sure to review your Academic Requirements Report in Student Admin.  These Honors forms are important! Failing to submit them by deadline may result in not having your name in a graduation booklet or dismissal from Honors. We want to recognize your hard work so please pay attention to these details.

Honors Final Plan of Study

Honors Final Plan of Study – for December 2021, May 2022 or August 2022 graduates, the Honors Final Plan process is still being worked out.

IMPORTANT: For December 2021 graduates (New Honors Scholar 2018 & Later or New: University Honors Laureate & Honors Scholar)  – the deadline will be extended until the process is in place.

This form is required for every Honors Scholar candidate. It includes all courses taken for your Honors degree. By approving, your Honors advisor is confirming that you have fulfilled all Honors course requirements for your major, including departmental course requirements. If you are graduating with more than one Honors major, you must submit a separate Honors Scholar Final Plan of Study for each of your Honors majors.

Students Will Need To:

  1. Prior to completing online, set up an appointment with your Honors advisor to determine which courses you have taken or will take in your senior year, and update those courses on your Honors Plan.
    • If completing NEW Honors Scholar requirements (with or without the UHL), you must discuss how you will complete the Engagement in the Major requirement.
  2. Double check that the “Honors credit” notation has been added to your transcript for completed Honors courses and conversions.
  3. Determine which requirements you are following:
    • Old Honors Scholar Requirements.pdfstudents admitted to UConn prior to fall 2018. Submit this completed form through the UConn Quest Portal using the “Honors Final Plan of Study” application.
    • New Honors Scholar Requirements – new online process coming soon
    • New Honors Scholar and University Honors Laureate Requirements including plan for Honors Engagement – new online process coming soon

Honors Thesis Plan

Honors Thesis Plan (online) due at the end of the third week of classes of the semester you will graduate

The Honors Program will use this online form for important information: confirmation you are making sufficient progress on your thesis (in order to write a brief description), your thesis title (for Medals Ceremony booklet), and the contact information for your faculty thesis supervisor and Honors advisor. By approving, your Honors advisor is confirming your thesis topic and thesis supervisor are acceptable to the department. If you are graduating with more than one Honors major, you must submit an Honors Thesis Plan for each of your Honors majors.

Important  Thesis Plan Dashboard – Students and Advisors may log in with your NetID/password to view the status. Only records requiring advisor action will appear to advisors, they will disappear from advisor view once they are approved.

Thesis Upload and Approval

The new online Honors Thesis and Thesis Approval Deadline: The last day of classes of the semester you will graduate.

Students who have been approved for special circumstances must follow the instructions for students with more than one Honors major.

Can I Get an Extension on My Thesis?

  • Talk with your Thesis Supervisor and Honors Advisor first.
  • Go to thesis extensions.