Departmental Honors Requirements

Any undergraduate major (or the Pharm.D. program) at UConn may be completed as an Honors Scholar. The requirements for Honors Scholar in every academic department will equal or exceed the minimum University-wide requirements for graduation as an Honors Scholar.

Depending on what your advisors approve, you can earn Honors credits in your Honors major or in related areas through a combination of:

  • Upper-level (2000+) courses designated “Honors” courses or sections
  • Courses at the 2000- level or above that are successfully converted to Honors
  • Independent study (Honors conversion form required)
  • Graduate courses (no Honors conversion form is required)
  • Certain Honors Study Abroad/Study Away courses judged to be of sufficient quality and challenge for Honors recognition (requires special permission from the Honors Program office)

Departments are free to specify additional requirements for students who want to compete Honors in their majors.

  • Types of additional departmental requirements may include: departmental seminar courses, specific thesis courses, a set minimum of consecutive semesters of research, a thesis planning seminar, or one or more graduate courses. Make sure that you are aware of, and comply with, all departmental requirements.

Some academic departments publish details of the requirements for Honors in their majors on their websites. Some do not. The most authoritative source of information about departmental requirements is the Honors advisor in the relevant department.