Publishing in Open Commons

Graduated Honors Scholars and/or University Scholars (required), are encouraged to submit your thesis to UConn’s Open Commons, formerly Digital Commons. This is in addition to the online submission in Quest that is required by the Honors Program. You may follow these links to access Honors theses or University Scholar projects.

Process for Submitting to Open Commons

  1. Select the correct system and Create an Account:
    1. Honors Scholars submission system and/or
    2. University Scholars submission system.  If you are a University Scholar and Honors Scholar and would like to submit to both, you must create two accounts and submit your work to both.
    3. Note: Within the account creation screen, for Institutional Affiliation: start typing “University of Connecticut” and then select the entry with your campus.
  2. Prepare your submission. You should have the following information ready:
    • Your thesis/project in a PDF or Word document including a cover page with your name and thesis/project title
    • Your permanent email address—not your UConn email address
    • Honors or University Scholar major(s)
    • Thesis/project title
    • Name(s) of Honors thesis supervisor or University Scholar committee members
    • Brief abstract (250 words or less)
    • 3-5 keywords describing your work
  3. Submit your thesis or project. Select the correct system and log in to your account:
    • Honors Scholars and/or
    • University Scholars
    • Students who are both Honors Scholars and University Scholars may choose to create two accounts and submit their work in both systems.

IMPORTANT: The Honors office reviews submissions each year after final degree deadlines and theses are typically posted to Open Commons in late-June, late-September, and mid-to-late-January.

Why publish in Open Commons?

  • Contribute your thesis to the body of scholarship or creative work on your topic.
  • Link to your thesis from your résumé, web site, or online portfolio.
  • Receive usage statistics to show the reach of your work.

What if I am submitting my work for publication elsewhere?

If you intend to publish your thesis in a scholarly journal, consult your thesis supervisor prior to submitting your thesis to Open Commons. The majority of publishers will allow posting of “preprints” or working papers (such as your thesis) to an institutional repository. Visit SHERPA to view publisher policies. You may also choose to delay submission of your thesis to Open Commons until after your work has been accepted for publication. More information for authors.


  • Contact Kate Korner with the Enrichment Programs Office, who is the site administrator for Honors Theses and University Scholar Projects in Open Commons
  • For other questions and comments about the system, email