Instructor Approval

Instructors may log into their conversion dashboard to approve completed conversion work at the end of the semester or wait for individual approval emails to be sent during finals week from the Honors office.

If you run into trouble, please try our help tools, email

Please confirm completion of conversion work and that the student will earned a B- or above in your course before selecting “Approve for Honors Credit”.  Approvals should be complete by the University grade posting deadline. For Spring 2024, the University grade deadline is May 7th by 4:00PM.

Other options for Instructor Final Approval Section:
– Deny (select if a student completed some or all of the work but it was not satisfactory)
– Incomplete (If you are allowing the student more time to complete, select and enter a brief comment)
– Withdrawn (If student decided not to complete the project)

Please report any issues with the system to