Holster Scholar Program – Preliminary Faculty Recommendation

Students applying for Holster First Year Project funds must first apply for admission to the Holster Proposal Development course offered each spring. We recognize that as honors freshmen, applicants are new to the university and have had limited contact with faculty and advisors. This "preliminary recommendation" is a intended as a first impression of a candidate's potential. Finalists selected to participate in the proposal development course will be required to provide more traditional letters of support in March when full proposals are due.
    Thank you for meeting with a prospective Holster Scholar and providing this brief evaluation. Ultimately, selected scholars are paired with faculty mentors who can supervise the completion of the summer project (in person or remotely). Mentors volunteer their time and receive $1,000 in professional development funds. Given how early prospective Holster Scholars must begin reaching out to faculty, preliminary recommenders like you may or may not be a good fit for project mentors. If you are a good fit for this project, would you be willing to serve as a mentor for this project?