Honors Stay Whelmed Logo Contest!

At the start of every semester, Dr. Lease Butts reminds Honors students to “Stay Whelmed.” In this speech Dr. Lease Butts asks students what it feels like to be “overwhelmed” and “underwhelmed.” Ultimately, these are not ideal states. In Honors, the goal and hope is that students “Stay Whelmed” with enough challenge to keep engaged, interested, and motivated. Check out the video for more “Stay Whelmed” inspiration.

In Honors, this concept of “Stay Whelmed” is shared with students through workshops, advising, discussion, and connection. As we continue to grow this program, we need a logo to represent the “Stay Whelmed” Program.

Logo design submission details:

  • This contest is open to all Honors students.
  • Logo submissions must be uploaded as a PNG file with a transparent background.
  • Logos may not contain the typical husky brand, UConn blue, or any other registered trademark images of the University. A list of UConn’s guidelines and usage can be found here: https://brand.uconn.edu/guidelines-usage/
  • In your logo design please make sure to include the phrase “Stay Whelmed.” It is up to you on how to incorporate this in your creative designs.
  • Submissions must be original designs.
  • There may only be one submission per Honors student, however, if you would like to present different variations of the same base design that is fine.
  • Submissions will be judged on creative effort and how well they represent the values and mission of “Stay Whelmed.”
  • Top submissions will be voted on by the Honors community. The winning logo will receive an Honors swag bag, chuck full of amazing Honors products!

Submissions are due Friday, April 15 @ 11:59pm.