Megan Baro

Interim Program Coordinator for Peer Leadership Programs

Megan Baro serves as the Interim Program Coordinator for Peer Leadership Programs for the Honors Program. In this role, Megan supports Honors Program curricular and co-curricular events and programs with a particular focus on initiatives related to diversity, inclusion, and global learning. In the interim, she will also co-supervise the Honors Guides for Peer Success (GPS) team and work with the H20 Learning Community (supervising the floor mentors and providing community wide support). Megan advises Honors for Diversity (H4D) and Honors Across State Borders (HASB). She is passionate about cultivating an inclusive and supportive Honors community, while working with student leaders in developing purpose and reaching their goals.

Megan is a proud Blue Hen and received a B.S. in Human Services from the University of Delaware. She also received a M.S. in Human Resource Development from Xavier University, with a focus on learning & development, career development, and organizational development. Highlights from Megan’s professional experience include supporting people-related initiatives such as employee onboarding, early-career recruitment, intern programs and HR operations. Megan also worked professionally for Delta Gamma Fraternity where she worked with students at a diverse portfolio of universities around the country in risk management, administrative operations, and leadership development.

photo of Megan Baro
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