Event Journals

Important: This page is for students who entered UConn in Fall 2018 or later and are seeking the University Honors Laureate award. 

Event Journals are due 2 weeks after the event. Revisions are due 1 week after they are requested. More details about revisions below.

The Events requirement for University Honors Laureate consists of attending 10 Honors Events across 5 categories and writing reflections on each event. That means you need 1 event in each category:

  • Career, Professional, and Personal Development
  • Honors Community Development
  • Academic & Interdisciplinary Engagement
  • Multiculturalism & Global Citizenship
  • Social Change, Service, & Sustainability

And you need an additional 5 Honors Events that may be in any category.

Attending Honors Events

Honors events have been pre-approved to fit in one or two of the above categories. You will see Honors Events advertised in multiple ways, including Updates in Honors. the Honors Weekly, and the calendar on the UConn Honors home page. All of these should link to the events calendar, which will allow you to confirm which category or categories the event is in and find the event hashtag (in the format #UHLeventNUMBER).

Event calendar entry for Honors Olympics. At the bottom, the text "Category: Honors Community Development" and "#UHLevent196" is highlighted.
Notice the category and the hashtag at the bottom. Click to enlarge.

Attend events that will enrich your collegiate experience! This requirement is in place to promote breadth, so don’t be afraid to try something new.

Completing Event Journals

Event journals are due within two weeks of the event. Revisions are due 1 week after they are requested.

Make sure that you have found the calendar entry for the event you attended. You need the category and hashtag for this part. If the event is listed for two categories, you must select one category upon which to reflect. You can’t count that event toward both categories.

You will complete the event journal using a Google Slides template. Click the category below to get the correct template. (All links will open in a new tab.)

Check again that the category at the top left of the slide matches the category for your event reflection, then click the blue “USE TEMPLATE” button at the top right of the window.

Google Slides template for Honors Community Development category, with emphasis on the category name and the "Use Template" button
Click to enlarge.

Create your journal using the template and the instructions it contains. We recommend renaming the file so that you can recognize which event it is, and don’t forget to type the event name and hashtag on the first slide. (If you didn’t get the hashtag, go find it on the Honors Event Calendar.)

Despite this being a very small part of the instructions, it is where you should spend the most time and thought!

Portfolium Tasks iconSubmitting Event Journals

Event Journals will be submitted through Portfolium. After you sign in, click the tasks icon in the top menu.

Click the box showing the University Honors Laureate: Events Pathway.

Portfolium: University Honors Laureate Pathway
Click to enlarge.

The Pathway lays out 6 “milestones.” They are numbered 1-6, but you may complete them in any order. Milestones 1-5 refer to the 5 categories, and each of these milestones has one “requirement,” showing the one event you must attend in each of the categories.

Portfolium: Honors Events Pathway Milestone 2
Click to enlarge.

Milestone 6 has five requirements, referring to the five additional events that may be in any category. When completing your requirements for Milestone 6, you still need to use the correct category template for the event you attended.

Portfolium: Honors Events Pathway Milestone 6
Click to enlarge.

Find the requirement you want to fulfill, and click the gray “Project not started” box.

You may complete the milestones and requirements in any order, but we recommend completing the applicable category (Milestones 1-5) before putting an event under Milestone 6. You won’t be able to move an event journal to a different requirement once it has been reviewed.

You can leave the project title as it is, or you can choose to rename it. You want to attach your Google Slides file, so click the More options link.

Portfolium project title and attachments, emphasizing the "more options" link to import Google Slides file.
Click to enlarge.

Follow the prompts to connect your Google account and then upload the event journal you created.

Wait while your presentation finishes uploading, and make sure that it was successful.

Portfolium Google attachments. The first one was not successful but the second one worked.
Notice the gray preview for the first attachment. That upload did not work and it can be deleted. The second, successful attachment has a preview of the event journal.

If your first attempt to attach the presentation does not work, simply click “more options” and repeat the process. Delete any unsuccessful attachments.

As an alternative to connecting your Google account directly, you can download your event journal as a .pdf file or PowerPoint file and upload it onto Portfolium.

Google slides screen shot showing how to download

screenshot of where to upload a file on Portfolium

If you want to change the title that is displayed or add a caption, click the pencil icon to the right of the attachment.

Fill out the rest of the project form. Put the event hashtag on the first line of the description. (You can also put it as a hashtag at the bottom of the form, but that is not required.) You should also add skills to the project to represent what you learned through the event.

Submit the project for review by an Honors GPS. If you realize that you made a mistake, you can unsubmit your project at any time prior to review, make changes, and then resubmit. If you have questions on how to submit an event journal, email the Honors GPS team (honorsgps@uconn.edu) or stop by during their office hours in the Buckley Programming & Events Office.

After Review

There are two possible results of the Honors GPS review. They may send a request for revision, or they may mark the requirement as completed. For either option, you should receive a notification both in your email and in Portfolium.

Portfolium: Notifications showing a scored event journal and an event journal needing revision.
Click to enlarge.

Revisions Requested

When you click the notification for a journal that needs revision, you can see the feedback left by the Honors GPS.

Portfolium event journal feedback when revisions requested.
Click to enlarge.

If you need to make changes to your event journal, go back to the original Google Slides file, make changes, then come back to this screen to edit your project. You must attach the Google Slides file again. (The file gets uploaded each time.)

Once the project is revised, use the blue button to re-submit.

  • You have one week to respond to a request for revision.
  • There is a limit of one content revision per event. If you are not able to satisfactorily respond to the feedback, the Honors GPS will suggest that you attend a new event for this requirement. (This will be a project revision in Portfolium, but it is not held to the same one week deadline.)

Requirement Completed

Your event journal will only be scored once you have met all criteria. You should view the full rubric to see the feedback left by the Honors GPS. This feedback may help you in future event journal submissions.

Portfolium: Event journal has been scored, emphasizing link to view full rubric
Click to enlarge.

You will also be able to see completed requirements and milestones on the pathway as you work your way toward the University Honors Laureate: Events badge!