2017 Rowe Scholar: Maria Guerrero

Maria Guerrero
Maria Guerrero (Freshman)

Maria Guerrero is particularly interested in emergency medicine, which motivated her to become a certified EMT. She has interned at Danbury Hospital as an EMT student and has volunteered in the emergency room. She has also shadowed nurses at The Village at Brookfield Commons. These activities have provided her with experiences such as transferring blood to a blood bank, participating in the IV lab, attending hospital rotations, doing patient assessments as part of ambulance calls, and observing spinal taps, the placement of an intravenous catheter, and a catheter lab procedure. She has learned patient interaction skills, bedside manner skills, and how to work with the geriatric population. Maria is currently from Bethel, CT where she graduated from Bethel High School, but she was born in Ecuador, from there moved to Queens, NY, then Danbury, CT, and finally to Bethel. She can read, write, and speak fluent Spanish. At UConn Maria will major in biological sciences and hopes to include classes on genetics.