Additional Benefits of Honors

Honors is, at its foundation, about academic excellence and personal growth. In addition to specialized honors courses, research opportunities and events and programs designed for your interests, Honors students receive additional benefits to help you to achieve your personal, academic, and social goals.

Honors Advisor

You will be assigned an Honors advisor based on your major(s) when you get to UConn. This personalized attention gives you immediate access to an expert in your field who is there to help you manage your academic path at the University. This includes registering for classes, introducing you to opportunities on campus and beyond, and planning research and your eventual thesis/project. Get to know your advisor. Not only are they there to help you; your advisor is also an important resource for your success throughout the program. Learn more.

Priority Course Registration

As an Honors student, you register for classes before other UConn students with the same credit standing. Registering ahead of students with your class standing improves your chances of getting the courses you want. Learn more.

Enrollment Limits/Excess Credits

Honors students are allowed to enroll in more credits than is standard, assuming certain conditions are met.

For all engineering, fine arts, and pharmacy students, the maximum number of credits students may take per semester is 19. If you are 5th semester or above and earned a 2.6 or above in the previous semester, the maximum is 21.

For freshmen and sophomores in all other schools and colleges (not including entering first year students), if you will have earned a minimum of 18 credits at the time of enrollment and have met the minimum excess credit requirement, you may register for a maximum of 19 credits (instead of the normal 17).  For juniors and seniors who have a grade point average of at least 3.0 in the previous semester, you may enroll in up to 21 credits (instead of the normal 18).

Students who would like to register for more than the maximum credits listed above must obtain permission from their advisors and academic deans.

Library Privileges

As an undergraduate student in the Honors Program, you receive the same library privileges as a graduate student. This allows you to borrow most books for a longer period of time and removes limitations as to the number of books you can take out at one time. To activate your library privileges, simply ask the staff at the library’s front desk (remember to bring your UConn ID with you).

Storrs seniors: once you are a senior or working on your thesis/project, you are eligible to apply for a research carrel. To apply or to check on the status of a previously submitted application please visit Research Carrels at the Homer Babbidge Library.

Honors Housing

Honors housing supports the academic, social, and cultural growth of Honors students. Living in Honors housing facilitates a stronger sense of community within the program and encourages your development as a scholar, thinker, and leader. Most first-year Honors students are assigned to the Honors first-year residential community. You may wish to continue living in Honors housing after your first year. Learn more.